Wednesday, 16 April 2014

World War One - what a waste!

At the moment there is a lot in the media about WW1. With the perspective of 100 years behind me, I cannot but think this was the most pointless of wars for ordinary people. Millions dead and for what real gain?

Just 21 years later we were at war again, arguably because the settlement at the end of WW1 was so bad.

As far as I can see we only got involved in WW1 (sorry, ordinary folk were made to get involved) because our elders and "betters" had agreed nonsense alliances and stirred up hatred.

The Christmas truce of 1914 was a real leveler: ordinary  folk just wanted to live peaceful lives. Ordinary folk were just cannon-fodder in WW1 on both sides for their aristocratic elders. Looking back, I cannot but believe this carnage should have been avoided. This was just slaughter.

The kaiser may have been bad, but I doubt the masses of Germen men and women were. This is the same nation that just 50 years earlier had seen the first playing of Ein Deutches Requiem by Brahms; a nation rich in culture. Hitler's evil was arguably a result of the settlement following WW1. Looking back at all the arguments for and against WW1, nothing has changed my views: it was a bad war that should never have started.

Unless we are careful we in the west will believe our own propaganda and get involved in a new European war over parts of Ukraine. There are always several views of a particular situation.

We must learn the lessons of history. Don't let tyrants have it their way but don't fight pointless wars. Listen to the real people, not politicians, military generals and aristocrats. Ordinary people matter most - listen to their voices.


For a number of weeks now I have been attended a physio session (90 minutes each week) at a hospital in Ely. These are group sessions (5 in the group) for people like me who have had a stroke or a stroke-like condition. There are just 2 more (of 8) sessions to go. They have been excellent.

When these end I shall continue physio but in Newmarket where there is a small charge. Up to now, all treatment has been free on the NHS. There is a small fee for referrals to Newmarket.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Beautiful weather and gardening

The back garden - flowering cherry on RHS in lawn
Today has been another beautiful day although not too warm. There is lots of blossom out in the garden - the flowering cherry tree in the lawn is rapidly losing its blossom, like snow.

This afternoon we had a trip to the garden centre to buy some rose spray to rid the roses of greenfly and blackfly as our usual treatment of soapy water was not enough.

After we got back my wife cut the back lawn. I did a little, but but my giddiness was too great to do too much.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Son's activities

Son 1, wife and 2 kids safely back from seeing the in-laws in Paris and now son 2 tells me he and family are going to spend a few days in Holland. "London" grandchildren (son number 1's) due Thursday for Easter weekend.

Health  largely unchanged: still giddy on my feet and feel a little sick inside. Eating is still not a fun experience (stroke artifact).

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Burwell Windmill - officially reopened today

Today, Sir James Paice MP officially opened the restored Burwell Windmill. This was first opened nearly 200 years ago and it has recently received National Lottery funding for a full restoration, which as now been finished.


Saturday, 12 April 2014

Windmill official opening - April 13th 2014

Our recently restored windmill, just over our front garden wall, has its grand reopening tomorrow Sunday April 13th starting at 12 noon. The official ribbon will be cut by Sir James Paice MP at 12.45 local time.

See .

Any of our friends are welcome to pop in for a cup of tea.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Anglesey Abbey (again)

Silver birches and tulips
This afternoon we went for a walk at Anglesey Abbey (National Trust) yet again. Every time we go there is something new to see and enjoy. The daffodils are dying, snowdrops mostly dead but there are lots of trees in blossom and lots of tulips and bluebells out.

Blossom (in Burwell)
Weekdays are quieter than weekends but the place is large enough to get lost away from others. With my blue badge we are able to park near the entrance - one small advantage of my stroke. Walking around is not an issue - the only problem is my balance is not good. Taking a break on the way around (on a bench) helps.