Friday, 28 November 2014

Paedophile Doctor

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How sad that a doctor was so driven by his unhealthy sexual interest in young boys that he has ruined his career and is likely to face many years in gaol. His sentencing hearing has been adjourned until Monday when his fate is likely to be known.

I think questions need to be asked why he was able to commit his offences for so long. He betrayed trust and must face his punishment. It is sad he was not helped to overcome his addiction long ago.

Stroke update

In the last few weeks, I seem to have made little progress. I still find many liquids hard to drink, I still get giddy when walking and most physical activities exhaust me, although on many days my level of stamina may be a little better. I do so want to be back to my old self again.

Immigration and the Conservative party

With not long to the next General Election here in the UK, the Conservatives are now trying, against the odds, to win hearts and minds in the debate on immigration. The latest idea is to grossly restrict benefits for 4 years for people who immigrate to the UK. Unfortunately for a small island like ours (?) we find ourselves real magnet for people wanting to move within the EU. Those that move and work here help our economy with growth in the UK stronger than in the rest of Europe. Whether or not this latest idea will reduce nett inward migration I do not know.  UKIP is making its voice heard and the Conservative party is rattled.

I still have no idea which party to support in the General Election next year. The outcome is likely to be close with minor parties holding the balance of power or being asked to form a coalition with either Labour or the Conservatives.  I actually quite like David Cameron, but slightly prefer Labour values. Sadly I think the Labour leader is not too charismatic or good as a leader. Last time I voted for the Liberal Democrats.  In the EU elections (not first past the post) I voted Greens.

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Sepura (SEPU) shares and FTSE 100

Sepura (my old company) shares gained even more today to end up at 147p, 2% up on the day and the strongest level for some time now. After a day largely in negative territory, even the FTSE 100 index made very slight gains by the end of the day.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Sepura (SEPU) shares

Shares in my old company have increased in value by around 10% lately. Good, but they have been even higher.

La Hogue cafe

We went to place our Christmas order in the local farm shop, La Hogue,  and then stayed for lunch. For the first time (since my stroke) I managed a full coffee.  I also had a ham and cheese Panini with all the trimmings and managed most of it.

BBC and FTSE 100 data

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The BBC seems to have fixed its glitch with market data. Their main news page is again showing this information. For a few days it was either missing or wrong.