Thursday, 20 November 2014


In WW2 my dad was a flight engineer in 582 squadron, flying Lancasters.  In his lifetime he rarely wanted to talk about those days.

Last night I went to a talk on the Pathfinders. My dad was incredibly brave and one of my greatest regrets was not telling him so.  He was lucky to survive the war. I can only imagine the sheer terror of getting into those cold, cramped planes in the dead of night knowing that he risked being killed over enemy territory on every raid.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

By Election this Thursday.

Tomorrow is the Rochester and Strood by-election. Although UKIP is expected to win, I think this would be a protest vote which could be reversed at the next General Election.   UKIP is a strange party: I can see why, between General Elections, it picks up protest votes. Voting in the party that will actually govern the nation is an altogether more serious matter.

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Sepura and FTSE 100 shares

Sepura (SEPU) shares rose again today ending up at 138p today. The FTSE 100 fell very slightly, but it would not surprise me if it returns to positive gains tomorrow.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Dawlish Railway Station

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I cannot help but think this delightful line along the coast is going to have to go. It has been there for over 150 years and was once on Brunel's 7 foot gauge. At one time there was an inland route from Newton Abbot to Exeter but this was lifted about 50 years ago and now part of the A38 uses the route. The only other alternative would be to re-lay the Tavistock to Plymouth line. This would be expensive and would leave the Dawlish area with questionable rail services. I don't have the answers,  but think the time is drawing close when some serious decisions have to be made. One positive, it would create jobs whilst the line was being created.

FTSE 100 and Sepura

Markets puzzle me: on a day when inflation has risen slightly, the Middle East is likely to erupt in yet more violence, the world outlook is "challenging", the FTSE 100 index looks like ending 30-40 points higher!

Likewise, Sepura has today gained a few percent on recent days.

All odd.

UPDATE 1720z:  Brent Crude Oil (spot and futures) is now around $78 a barrel - very low.  The FTSE 100 ended the day 37 points higher.

Middle East

I fail to understand Hamas.

The latest attack on a Jewish synagogue is an open invitation for yet more revenge attacks in Gaza in which yet more innocents will be killed.

To my mind, such attacks serve no purpose and help to RUIN the cause of the Palestinians. Why do it?

Monday, 17 November 2014

Oscar Pistorius - appeal

The prosecutor in this case is appealing that the prison sentence is too lenient. Not being at the trial, it is hard to know if this is so. He is likely to be out under house arrest after about just 10months and that does sound not much for shooting dead someone. My inclination is to let South African justice take its course.