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Thursday, 30 October 2014


3 yr old baking cakes
This afternoon our "London" grandchildren arrived for a few days. My wife baked buns with them and then went to the windmill next door. It was a very successful and happy afternoon. After bath time playing "Snakes and Ladders" with a 3 year old was a lot more of a challenge.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

"London" grandchildren.

Tomorrow we are having our "London" grandchildren to stay for a few nights They are 3 and nearly 7 years old. We love ALL our little ones. They are all unique.

NHS woes - yet again

All I wanted was written confirmation of my appointment to have my stomach PEG removed next Tuesday.  20 minutes on the phone, 3 foreign accents, no attempt at "ownership" of my issue before I eventually got a ward nurse who promised me the appointment was on and a letter was coming. I'll believe this when it comes.

Sorry, but this sort of rubbish behaviour is just not acceptable. In private industry we were told to own the customer's problem, seek out the answers, then ring back with the answers. The standard NHS response is to try to disown the problem, or so it would seem.

NHS communications is PATHETIC.

20 minutes on the phone and passed from pillar to post - I had to ring them 3 times -  when all I was asking for was the normal procedure of a letter to confirm what to do, where to go, date, what time etc. It took me all my power not to swear down the phone as I was so exasperated.

Let no-one say the NHS does not need reform! Fix the communications, give customers a better deal and save billions in waste.

They should have (a) sent me an appointment letter weeks ago, and (b) when they'd not, apologised , one single person should have understood my problem and dealt with it. Instead, I was left, yet again, in a state of exasperation. Multiply this 100 times over in a single day and you get some idea of the inefficiencies in their system.

Flyer in the post today

Christmas in October seems the flavour of the month.

Today our local farm shop and cafe (La Hogue) sent a flyer in the post with prices for Christmas meats and 20% discounts for their cafe in January and February 2015. WHY do we need this in OCTOBER?

They must be desperate.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Winter power cuts?

I wonder if we'll see power cuts this winter? Spare National Grid capacity is very low because of closures and other reasons. Some are saying the Jet Stream is moving and we are in for the cldest winter in 100 years.  See .

October - Christmas already?

Call me old fashioned, but Christmas is Dec 25th. It really annoyed me to see the windows of John Lewis in Cambridge decorated for Christmas and it is only October!!   Even more annoying was Scotsdales Garden Centre fully geared up for Christmas last week. It may well have been like this earlier.

All this smacks of one thing: commercialism.  I hate it.

Monday, 27 October 2014


Our 5 year old grandson tried on my wife's reading glasses earlier this evening. They rather suit him! He looks a real little swot!

Sorry about the flash reflection in the glasses - I was never the world's best at photography.

Bantam Eggs

When I was very little we kept hens for many years. I am very pleased that one of our grandsons looks after the nine bantam hens at his school. Today his family all came to stay for a few days.

Our grandson brought 4 eggs so we can share these for breakfast. They are smaller than normal "shop" free-range eggs but I expect they will taste delicious.

He has even decorated the egg box, which I expect he will take home.

Lovely autumn day

This end of October in East Anglia has been beautiful. The trees are changing colour, the leaves are falling, clocks have changed and the nights are drawing in, but today we had beautiful sunshine and temperatures in the high teens Centigrade (high sixties Fahrenheit).  Tomorrow also promises to be a glorious day.

Not all parts of the UK have been so lucky.   North West Scotland has had about 8 inches of rain in just a few days.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Blog visits

For no good reason, this blog had had more visitors by breakfast time than it usually gets in a whole day.  We are on course to have far more visits than ever before. I don't think it can be the content. Perhaps this blog was featured somewhere?

Anyway, if this is your first time here, please pop back again soon. I try to add content most days and the subjects covered are usually varied. Feel free to add comments relevant to the posts.

SPAM will be deleted as soon as I spot it, so keep comments relevant please.

Immigration (yet again)

The news is full of this here in the UK.  The main issue is that we are powerless to stop mass immigration into the UK mainly from Eastern Europe because we are in the EC and must abide by its rules on free passage of people within the EC.  It is a fact that many Eastern Europeans make first class workers.

I don't have the answers, but feel each and every European country should be able to say who comes and who goes. Some people we need but there are already too many people on our small island. Our population is exploding yet we are powerless. Should we try to get the rules changed? Are we really powerless? Why exactly do so many want to move to the UK?

As climate change kicks in,we are likely to see lots more people from Southern Europe wishing to come here. The current influx is just the start. The way things are going, I suspect we'll be leaving the EC sooner than later. Instead, I hope a solution can be found with the UK still in the EC.

See .

Dark nights

Last night we put the clocks back in the UK to GMT. There is something nice about cosy evenings in during the winter but I always look forward to the clocks going forward again at the end of March, the promise of light evenings, spring birds and flowers.

It amazes me how short the winter usually is: we are only 7 weeks away from the shortest day and even by the end of January the evenings are starting to get lighter later.  By mid-February there is usually more than a hint of a new spring in the air.

Luckily in the UK every season has something good to enjoy.  I'd hate to live in a place where seasons and evening times barely change.

Afghanistan - an enigma
On and off, Britain has fought wars in land-locked Afghanistan since the early 1800s. Lots of UK lives have been lost over the years, and to what good? Sadly, all our efforts there seem to fail and it is high time we stopped meddling where we do not belong.  Yes, the excuse was the Taliban this time, but have we improved world security? No.

Our motives are always good ones, I do not deny. But we are rarely wanted and, more to the point, we rarely do any lasting good. What's the betting that Afghanistan will revert to tribal barbarity not many years after we leave?  Today marks the end of UK combat activities in Afghanistan .... until the next time! Sorry, but I find most wars are pointless. Wars rarely achieve what they set out to achieve. Talking is always better.  Jaw, jaw, not war, war.

See .

Last lawn cut this season?

This morning I cut both our front and rear lawns. It exhausts me but I am glad I did them. This is possibly the last cut before March. The problem now is it is often too wet to cut. Also, as the temperature drops, the grass stops growing. I am always glad to cut the lawn again after the winter: it is a sign of a return to longer days after the long winter nights. Still, in the meantime, I have to get fit again after my brain bleed last year. Although I still tire easily, my stamina must be improving as there was now way I could have cut both lawns in quick succession even 6 months ago.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Michigan bans electric cars

See .

The Governor of Michigan is reported (see link) to have banned direct sales of Tesla electric cars in Michigan, USA to protect local car dealers and car makers like General Motors. King Canute comes to mind. 

Is he stupid or stupid?

A sad loss

A few years ago, a fellow radio amateur called Julian Moss, whose radio call was G4ILO, was disagnosed with an incurable brain tumour. Rather than roll over and die, Julian did his internet research and found out the treatments that would prolong his life as much as possible. He also started a blog called One Foot In The Grave to document his battle. Sadly Julian lost his battle yesterday but not before he beat the disease for several extra years.   I was greatly saddened to hear he died yesterday. He inspired many by his great bravery and determination.


I think the week is catching up with me as I have been profoundly tired yesterday and today.  I attempted to dig up a plant in the garden, but I was totally exhausted and had to come in. The experts tell me this is to be expected with a brain injury (cerebellum bleed) and given time I will recover. I do so hope they are right. The feeling of exhaustion is like nothing I have ever experienced before. There is no way of fighting it. I simply have to rest and recover my energy levels.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Italian UFOs?

The BBC recalls a day an Italian football match had to be stopped as a result of mysterious things in the air.

See .

Analysis suggests this was migrating spiders.

NHS and tablet PCs

Today I read that Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge is to roll out tablet PCs linked to a central database from next week.  Not before time too.

More money to the EC?

So, because our economy is doing well we owe the EC billions more? This seems unfair and plays right into the hands of those in the UK who are anti-Europe. The question is did we agree to this before it all happened? I suspect we are moaning now, but this clause has been in place for years!

See .  UK PM David Cameron says we are not paying next month, but what's the betting we soon have to pay up?

Extract from the BBC website:
David Cameron has angrily insisted the UK will not pay £1.7bn being demanded by the European Union.
"If people think I am paying that bill on 1 December, they have another think coming," the prime minister said in Brussels. "It is not going to happen."
But Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said the demand should "not have come as a surprise" to the UK.
He said it was made under a system agreed by all the member states and based on data provided by them.
EU finance ministers have agreed to the UK's request for emergency talks about the top-up payment, which would add about a fifth to the UK's annual net EU contribution of £8.6bn.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

NHS overhaul - extra cash needed?

 See .

Apparently the NHS can save a lot more money but then needs an additional £8 billion a year  to provide good patent care. Speaking as someone who has had very recent first-hand experience I know that they can save billions every year if they smarten up their communications with patients. Frankly it is abysmal. Wasted ambulance calls - no-one was informed the call should not be made, typed letters posted at great expense for beds not needed as agreed the week before, the endless telling staff the very same data they should already have on hand, physios in the community that don't know when someone is discharged so the patient is "lost" - the list goes on and on. Frankly, the NHS communications is pathetically bad and is in need of "root and branch" overhaul. In the private sector heads would have rolled.  It seems no-one is accountable.  Billions can and must be saved before a penny more is spent.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

"Buck stops with me on foreign criminals", says PM

See .

PM David Cameron has admitted that too few foreign criminals are being deported. He claims some of these are due to unfair "human rights" claims, I believe. Some have simply got lost awaiting deportation.

I hope he does not resign over this. Instead, he needs to fix the problem: deport criminals without delay. This country (UK) neither needs or wants them. If they have dependents here tough. They should not have acted criminally in the first place. Go home first, then argue. At the same time, he needs to address the issues of immigration, finding out just why so many decide they'd like to live here. Some immigrants we need. Some we don't.

Stock market recovery?

See .

The UK stock market is doing its best to recover ground lost in the market turmoil last week. The markets are still all over the place and recent gains could easily be lost again in the coming days.

Canadian shootings in Ottawa
Usually, we think of Canada being a normally quiet and uneventful sort of country.  We holidayed in The Rockies there 2 years ago.

So, it was with some amazement that I read about the shootings in Ottawa earlier today in and around the parliament buildings there. Ottawa is a fine city with a really French feel . I am sorry to hear of this tragedy.

We visited Ottawa many years ago, back in the 1990s I think.

See .

Drive to Lavenham and back

Today, I drove further than ever before since my enforced driving ban because of my brain bleed in Sept 2013. The driving was fine. Whilst there, we got a bite to eat, although I was not very hungry.

Slowly, all too slowly, things are returning to normality, although I suspect it will be well into 2015 before I feel "right": I still feel poorly and not my old self yet.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A new hotel or guest house?

For over 30 years now there has been a lovely large house empty on our High Street, right across from the church. Apparently 2 brothers owned it and argued over it. Now at last it is up for sale. It will make someone with a large family a nice home.  Alternatively it could be a nice small hotel or guest house. It will be interesting to see the place 1 year from now.
House for sale. Burwell, UK

River Cam in autumn

Most visitors have gone. The Cam is quieter again. In the summertime the river (just outside Kings College) would be crowded with foreigners on punts enjoying the place.
Cambridge in autumn

Oscar Pistorius verdict

5 years in gaol, but he is eligible for parole in just 10 months. Not being party to all the evidence, I have no idea if this is fair or not.

South Africa is violent country and he probably had to react in great haste. In the calm of the day and thousands of miles away it is too easy to say, "he should not have shot through the bathroom door", but I don't know how I would have reacted in a similar situation.

Sounds to me like he was lucky to get such a lenient sentence.

Sepura shares slide

Shares in my old company Sepura - I retired 6.5 years ago - have, like many FTSE shares - fallen by about 10% in recent weeks. It remains to be seen if these will fall further or stage a recovery.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Cold war?

See .

It sounds like the stuff of spy novels from many years ago, but the Swedish military may indeed be hunting a Russian sub in the waters not far from Stockholm. Neutral Sweden? Why? It beggars belief that the Russians would want to bother with Sweden.

If they do this with Sweden, you can only imagine the spying going on between the Russians and the USA for example.

Russia - the cold war ended a nearly a quarter of a century back! This is the 21st century, remember? Major nations try to behave like adults nowadays. It saddens me to think some major world players still play war games. I expect the USA and the UK are just as bad.

Well done Nigeria

See .

With no new cases in 6 weeks, Nigeria has declared itself Ebola free. Of course just one plane carrying an infected person could change that, but they do seem to be taking the risks very seriously. We just need to contain this Ebola outbreak before it spreads far and wide and becomes unstoppable.

Mr Barroso's speech today

So the outgoing EC president, Mr Jose Barroso, thinks we will make an "historic mistake" if we leave the EC.  He may be right, but staying within the EC at any cost to the UK is not an option, The UK is keen on a single common market - a level playing field - but seeks ultimate control over its own borders and laws. These are aspirations shared by many EC countries. They are reasonable wishes for our parliament to reign supreme in the UK.

Personally I hope we don't leave the EC, but that the EC will change somewhat.  If the EC does not change we may have no choice but to leave them to it.  I cannot imagine the EC not changing. Were we to leave, I bet we won't be the last.  I cannot see it being a disaster for the UK. Other countries manage. The benefits of membership have to outweigh the downsides.

By the way I am not a UKIP supporter. I am very much a floating voter and have no idea who I shall be voting for in the UK General Election next spring. It will be a difficult decision.

See .

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Free movement of people within the EU?

Basically I am in favour of the EC as a free trade group, but I struggle to understand why we can't, as a nation, decide who is allowed to live and work on our tiny, already overcrowded, little island. On this I am fully with David Cameron.  Also I am a believer in the ultimate power of our parliament and not a bunch of bureaucrats in Europe.

It seems to me that in many ways we would be better out than in, unless the EU ideal is more forward looking. We need the EU to understand it is a top-heavy bureaucracy some way from how it was when we first joined. Yes, if we leave there will be downsides, but I expect we will not be the last to leave, if indeed we do vote to leave.

See .

Autumn here (almost)

The leaves are starting to fall now in our garden and another few weeks will see autumn set in strongly.
Our garden - leaves now falling fast.
This morning we went to Anglesey Abbey (National Trust) where the weather was good with temperatures due to reach the low 20 deg C mark this afternoon.
Anglesey Abbey - leaves starting to fall. Colours changing.
Are we being spoiled? Is this the calm before the storm of a very harsh winter?

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Secret USA space mission?

See .

It looks like the USA has been testing a secret unmanned re-useable space vehicle. It sound like it being used by the US military to test new systems. Spying sounds the most probable use?

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a fascinating "east meets west" place, with Harry Ramsden's fish and chips, double decker buses and bamboo scaffolding and very eastern markets down side streets. For work (years ago) and for pleasure I have been there several times. I have landed at the old airport (hairy) and passed through the modern new airport on my way back from Taiwan. I still was amazed to see a W.H. Smith shop in the new airport, years after the hand back to China.

I hope Hong Kong manages to retain its unique feel in the years ahead. You get the feeling though that the Chinese government is not at ease with its liberal ways with a western leading. Things could change.

See .

Friday, 17 October 2014

Tuck postcard archive online

Someone found this today. A very useful and free online resource for postcard enthusiasts and collectors. See and search for your favourite place. I expect the content will vary day to day. I searched "Salcombe", "Kingsbridge" and "Burwell" and found plenty of old photo PCs.

My brain

Whenever I post on my blogs or Facebook it seems to take a second visit before I spot a posting error. Usually it is an omitted letter or similar. I wonder if this is an effect of my brain bleed? Usually I can correct the error(s) before anyone is aware, but sometimes it can be the next day before I notice. All my limbs work and (mostly) my cognitive powers are fine, if a bit slower than before. I do so hate being not right still. Although local driving seems fine I still feel giddy on my feet and still tire very easily with any physical activity. Even washing the breakfast dishes tires me still.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

New Apple Products

See .

Although we possess iPod Touch products and an iPad, I still get frustrated by the fact you have to take the products apart to simply change the battery, there is no SD or micro-SD slot and no flash support.

On Android products this is NOT the case. On my Samsung Galaxy S4 mini (Android phone) it is easy and cheap to replace the battery and an extra 32GB of micro-SD storage was easy to fit, so space for apps and photos is not an issue.

NHS - how to WASTE money

It makes my blood boil!

Over a week ago I agreed by phone to change the date of an operation to remove my stomach PEG because the date given clashed with our grandchildren being here over half term. The lady on the phone was very helpful and changed the appointment to the following week. Not only that, we also agreed that a bed overnight would NOT be needed as my wife would be with me at home on discharge. Imagine my disgust to get a typed letter yesterday from the hospital saying the bed was reserved for 2 nights and the appointment was the original date! Of course I rang up immediately and was told there was a mix-up. They would ring me back. Guess who is still waiting!

Clinical care is good but the NHS seems unable to communicate with anyone effectively. Each year the NHS must waste billions because of rubbish communications. Sorry,but the sooner the NHS sorts out its inefficiencies the better.  Let no-one claim that they can't be better. They can improve and give their "customers" a better experience too.

In private industry I would have SACKED people by now.   There really can be no excuse.

The NHS culture needs to change.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Driving further

Today I drove the car to and from Bury-St-Edmunds, parking at Waitrose. This is a 36 mile round trip involving a long stretch of the busy A14.   Driving was fine, with no problems, although people seem to be driving fast.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Local buses

We are supposed to have a service every hour from Burwell into and out of Cambridge. It used to be every half an hour which was good: if you missed one it was not too long to wait for another. On the last 2 occasions the bus has been over 30 minutes late. One is not quite sure whether to keep waiting or get the car out. This is very annoying.

I am told there is an Android app by Cambridgeshire County Council called MyBusTrip that gives real-time data on where buses are.  Perhaps I should get this and only leave the house when the bus is definitely on its way? I allow plenty of time for my weekly U3AC course in Cambridge, but I find the erraticness of our bus service makes people less likely to use them. Surely we should be encouraging local bus use?

UPDATE 1750z:  I have just downloaded the app and must say, so far, I am not that impressed with it.

Monday, 13 October 2014

The first spacewalk - a near disaster

See .

So the truth can now be revealed that the first ever space walk by the Russians in 1965 so very nearly ended in tragedy. At the time we all knew nothing about it because of the propaganda war between the USSR and the USA over space exploration. Now the 80 year old, who was the first human to walk in space, reveals all.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Are we in for a VERY cold winter?

Some are predicting that we are in for a very cold winter here in the UK. Apparently it is, as always, due to the position of the jet stream.

See .  I am no fan of the Daily Express, but I wonder if they will be proved right?

Stroke update

People who see me say how much better I look. I am now allowed to drive again and my stomach PEG is due to be removed Nov 4th. I still tire easily, feel wobbly when walking and still feel unwell generally.   I really hope my symptoms start to ease soon.

Saturday, 11 October 2014


You either love it or hate it.

Even though I am 65 and people think modern technology is past me, I love Facebook. It is a great way to keep in contact with friends and relatives that otherwise might get a Christmas card exchange just once a year. Thanks to Facebook, these distant friends are a daily part of my life. I enjoy finding out what they are doing and I frequently enjoy their comments and support when times have been tough.

I have resisted the temptation to join Twitter. Keeping up with Facebook is enough.

Plymouth Argyle and Cambridge United football clubs

Although not an avid football fan - I very very rarely go to matches -  I do look to see how these 2 teams are doing in the Football League Division 2. So far, both have got off to a "not too bad" season. It would be great if both were promoted to the next league up next season, but there is a long way to go first.

See Plymouth Argyle FC.
See Cambridge United FC.

Why not the good news?

I guess with modern communications we hear about everything in the world quite fast. It is a pity that there are not a few more "good news" reports in the news. A lot of good things happen, but we rarely hear about these. There are definitely far more good things happening than bad, yet we seem to revel in Ebola, IS and other bad news.

Quiet day today

We had visitors this morning and are out this evening, so this afternoon I am taking things quietly to maintain my stamina for tonight. Although better than I was, I still get tired easily and giddy if I am on my feet too much, because of my stroke last year. My wife is out at her choir this afternoon.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Driving again

Another milestone today here. I drove (first time in 13 months) to and from the local garden centres at Fordham. This is a round trip of nearly 10 miles. Both the neurosurgeon and my doctor said "yes" and DVLA agreed I could. Informed the insurer too.

This is a major step. Would probably not want to drive too far for a while, but at least I can drive again locally.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Out for lunch

Today we decided we should go out for lunch so we went to La Hogue Farm Cafe for a change. I was able to eat a ham and cheese panini with coleslaw and a very small cup of coffee. Small steps, but good to eat normally.

Bedding plants

Summer is gone and now we are entering autumn. The trees are losing their leaves and it is time to remove the summer bedding plants and replace them with bedding plants that will look good through winter. Last year my wife planted primroses and they looked really good when I left hospital in January. We'll probably plant these again this winter.

See .

PEG removal

If things work out as planned, my PEG, (line into stomach) should be removed on Nov 4th. Currently, the line is only used for water as my feed has been all by mouth since June.  This will be another step on the long road back to normality.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Cambridge University of the 3rd Age (U3AC)

As you might expect, the U3AC choices in Cambridge are huge and varied.

For the first time in several years I decided to join some courses this year. This term I am doing 2 and next term one course. The first, "Human Evolution, is it a Darwinian process?" started today. For me, it means a bus ride and a fairly (for me) long walk, but it is a chance to be "normal" again and get out of "illness mode". The lecturer is a chap called Ken Edwards who took me when I was on a different course a few years ago. It was good.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Anglesey Abbey in autumn

Today we went to Anglesey Abbey (National Trust) for what will be a series of visits this autumn as the leaves change colour and fall. We hope to visit most weeks, weather permitting. Some trees are turning, but most (Oct 5th 2014) are still green-leafed. A few cold snaps and autumn gales could change things.
Pilgrim's Lawn - Anglesey Abbey (NT), Oct 5th 2014 3.30pm
Even when Anglesey Abbey is busy, at the weekends, Pilgrim's Lawn tends to be quite quiet. It is not on the main "winter walk"  and "mill" route that most visitors tend to take. The dahlias have been good again, but have now finished.

Autumn is here.

After a good and long summer, the rain band came through yesterday and the temperature has dropped some 6-8 degrees. It now feels like autumn has arrived. The temperature mid-afternoon was 15 deg C. Before the rain band it was in the low 20's Centigrade.
Roses - Oct 5th 2014
Our roses by the front door are now in their 3rd flush with plenty of buds. The cosmos (LHS) still look good although the sweet peas in the back garden are now coming to an end: we have been cutting these since the end of June for the kitchen table.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Where AIDS all started - in a 1920s Congo town

See . According to scientists working on the history of AIDS, it all started in Kinshasa, Congo in 1920 and then spread as a result of railways, sex and population growth.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Last gym session (for now)

Outside the Newmarket gym
Today was my last day at the gym in Newmarket as part of their "Active For Life" programme.  I have been going twice a week, most weeks, since May. Although my stamina is better, I don't think my balance has improved much. From next week I am attending a weekly U3AC course in Cambridge so will do a fair bit of walking to and from the bus stops. I am hoping to drive to the "Park and Ride" site when again allowed to drive the car.

Rovio (Angry Birds creators) to cut jobs

Rovio (Finland) who make the famous Angry Birds game are to cut 130 jobs (16%) of its workforce. Angry Birds is very addictive game!

See .

Lynsey de Paul dies

The singer/songwriter Lynsey de Paul has died in her mid-60s from a suspected brain tumour. She was most famous in the 1970s.

See .

Sepura PLC

My old company, Sepura, continues to "hold its own" with shares holding their ground.  Although they have fallen back from their peak of over 150p a share earlier this year, they are hovering around the 140-142p a share currently, which is just above the price at which they were floated about 12 years ago.

With both TETRA and DMR products they have a good future with a world-wide market.

UPDATE 1605z:  Shares in Sepura ended the day at 140.5p.

UPDATE 3.9.14  2245z:   Shares ended at 141.0p.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

David Cameron's speech today

Well, I think it very unlikely I shall vote Labour in the General Election next year.  I have voted labour several times in the past. I don't like Ed Milliband (at all) and he left out vital parts in his recent Labour Party conference speech on the deficit and immigration.   At the moment, I am inclined to vote Conservative as they seem to have the better policies. I wish the Conservatives were less "toffs" though. In truth,whoever gets elected will have a tough time. I am not voting UKIP.

The difference between the 2 main parties is really not that great. As a "first past the post" election, tactical voting will be called for. I'd like to vote Green but think this will be a wasted vote in a General Election.

See .

Car tax discs - not needed from today

As of Oct 1st 2014, it is no longer necessary to display a car  tax disc in the window of your car in the UK. Using computer records, enforcement officers can use registration details to check if a car is taxed and insured.

But apparently the on-line tax system is falling over. See .

Burwell Museum

See .

Well worth a visit and a local museum that "punches above its weight".

Always lots to see and do and ideal for children with lots of "hands on" things to enjoy.