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Sunday, 30 September 2018


Yesterday we went by train from Ely to Canterbury to see our son and family. Just before we left Ely the sun was rising over misty fields.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Corfu Lizard

This was another lizard seen last week in Corfu in the garden of our hotel. 

As soon as it saw me it scarpered - must be camera shy!

Burwell Museum Talk

Our local Burwell museum has a talk this Thursday. Honor Ridout on “I can’t stoop either” : Victorian fashions in Punch. Talks are from 14.00-15.00 followed by tea and biscuits. Free with museum admission. No admission charge for season ticket holders and current museum volunteers. Drop in. Booking recommended for a large group. Museum admission applies.

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Human Consciousness

Perhaps the biggest mystery of all is what happens when we die. Do we just cease to be and our consciousness dies with our bodies?

This has been the central question of all religions for millennia. I certainly do not have the answers. On a logical level we are only conscious because of our brains and synapses. As far as I know, no-one has explained why we are conscious beings.

And yet, there is so much we do not know. One thing is certain. This is the ultimate question.

Monday, 3 September 2018


According to the Met Office it is officially autumn.

At the moment it still feels like summer with blue skies and warmth still.

However, nights are drawing in, most swifts have flown south and there is dew on the grass in the mornings. Soon the leaves will start to turn. Before you know it, it will be Christmas!


At the weekend, we visited Norwich by train. Norwich is a lovely city. It is one of the places am sure I could live in and be happy. It is close to north Norfolk, it has a great Norman cathedral, some fine old streets and houses, second hand bookshops, a market and lots more. Altogether, it is a great place. The collage of Norwich was created by my wife.