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Friday, 22 November 2019

Warhorse On Stage

Yesterday we went with the village theatre group to Wembley to see Warhorse on the stage.

Many years ago we saw Warhorse on stage and I was appalled by the dreadful Devon accents and the appalling, so called, Devon village. The stage production was  really good and far better than the film. This time, I just pretended the village was in Wiltshire!

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Barclays Bank and Post Office cash withdrawals

Apparently in the UK, Barclays Bank has had a change of heart and decided, after all, to continue to allow people to get cash from their local post office.

Unless I am mistaken Barclays usually makes billions each year in profits.  Our local branch of Barclays closed over a year ago and getting cash from the Post Office has been a real help.

We know about one disabled lady who would have to walk twice as far for cash if the Post Office stopped its link with Barclays. I suspect Barclays go lots of complaints.

Barclays - you must have been stupid!!

Starter Homes

In the upcoming UK elections I am a floating voter still to make my mind up.

I was not impressed that the National Audit Office (an independent think tank) has said, according to the BBC, that not one of the 200000 starter homes promised by the current government had been built!! Promises!


Old Cottage

Yesterday we did a walk around part of our village. This cottage was extended a few years ago. The extension is so good it is hard to tell what is old and what is new. I think it dates from the early 1800s, but I don't know.

Monday, 4 November 2019

Ely Riverside

It seems ages since I posted to this blog. At the weekend we did a delightful walk at Ely. The River Ouse runs through it and Ely looks good even when the weather is dull!