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Monday, 17 October 2011

Death in a Multiverse

My religious views oscillate from being a theist to total atheist and back again. Of late, my views have been changing partly as a result of reading The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, which I found an absorbing and honest book.

Nonetheless, I am still basically open minded when it comes to thinking what happens when we die. I am not a believer in Father Christmas, tooth fairies or heaven as such, but I do think that the universe(s?) we inhabit are barely understood and our place in time puzzling. In a multiple universe all things in all time may be possible so who can be sure that this one life of ours is "it"?  The very existence of each one of us is a miracle of coincidences and chances over a period of billions of years: just one sexual coupling missed, or one chance meeting of two people missed, in all that time and you or I would not be here at all. Can we even be sure that we are not living some kind of dream?

So, when we finally drop down dead will we just cease to be? Or will we find ourselves in another universe as someone or something else, even perhaps reliving the very same lives but choosing different paths at the critical moments when we went in one direction and wondered what would have happened had we chosen differently?


  1. On the question of life after death, I remember an interview with the only British man to become a Taoist Master. He was asked if there was life after death. He replied that one would have to ask a dead Taoist Master!

  2. Roger theres a lot we dont know about consciousness - Dawkins is simply a reductionist.
    Proof in some aspects of parapsychology means we need a paradigm shift.
    And quantum mechanics suggest we bring about reality.
    i think our mind could easily continue on after death