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Saturday, 25 January 2014

NHS Communications

As a person at the "receiving end" I am appalled by the poorness of NHS communications. It would appear that the UK NHS communicates, occasionally, by flags, bonfires and pigeons.

When will the NHS communicate between people inside and outside hospitals in MODERN ways e.g. scan barcodes into tablet PCs and databases shared throughout the healthcare industry? Others can do it. Wake up NHS or you DESERVE to fail. Clinical care has been good,but communications is a joke. Except it is no joke if you are not seen,miss scans or worse. I dread to think what it must be like to be 85 and with Altzeimers.


  1. Well I'm quite impressed with the IT systems in use in the NHS up here.Everyone from my GP to my hospital consultants can access my full medical records includi ng images of myCT and MRI scans. No sign of any bar codes being used though.

    Julian, G4ILO

  2. Tell the NHS in Cambridge how to do it! 3 weeks after leaving hospital the Community Stroke Team "claim" they were never informed of my discharge. Whoever is to blame, it is PATHETIC and totally unacceptable.

  3. Hi Roger hope your recovery is still continuing despite this!

    A year or so ago, My elderly Father in law moved wards. His records didn't. I rest my case....

  4. It's the same situation in Lincoln. I've had first-hand experience of how good most of the staff are, and how bad the system is. They lost all of my records on at least two occasions. Meanwhile, a friend was kept waiting in a hospital bed for a week, with an aggressive throat cancer, while nothing happened. When I asked why nothing was happening, the nursing staff told me that they were waiting for a specialist to see the patient. When they asked the doctors why nothing was happening, the specialist told them that the patient had been discharged.