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Monday, 27 April 2015

Glasswells - what a dosy shower they are!

Last October we wrote to Glasswells in Bury-St-Edmunds as our so-called stain protected lounge carpet had a stain we could not remove. A month later, having heard nothing, I emailed again. Eventually someone was sent and as he could not remove the stains, we were promised a free replacement carpet. All this was before Christmas 2014.

It is now April 2015 and we were still waiting, so I emailed  Glasswells again today. Oh," we were waiting for YOU to contact us with a suitable fitting date!". Like heck they were!! Yet more lame excuses. It only would have taken a phone call.  We have now been promised this carpet will be refitted this Friday morning. We will see.

Overall, I am totally unimpressed. Frankly, their service and care has been pathetic.

I hope NEVER to do business with this bunch of amateurs ever again.

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