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Monday, 24 November 2014

Saving government money

Although I welcome my free bus pass and winter fuel allowance, I am sure money can be saved by targeting these at people in real need, and not just shelling these out to all over 60?

Surely they can address the winter fuel allowance another way, for example by increasing the tax free income allowance? Much lower cost and it targets those in most need.  Most would pay tax on this allowance whereas those on really low incomes would not pay tax.

Likewise free bus passes. Maybe a nominal sum for all trips (20p?) or only make the bus passes free for OAPs receiving an old age pension? Males over 60 but not yet getting an OAP would have to pay a bit longer.

On both these the government should be able to save millions. The free bus pass and winter fuel allowances are "good things",  but surely in this age of austerity they both need to be better targeted at those who really need them?

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Cambridge Guided Busway

This morning my wife and I used the new guided busway from Cambridge to St Ives for the first time. It was excellent with double decker buses with good leather seats, free wi-fi. Being over 60 we get to travel for free. It runs for most of the way on the track of the old St Ives to Cambridge railway line.

St Ives is a pleasant little town by the river (don't confuse with the other one in Cornwall) with some interesting shops. The whole busway was the centre of controversy as it was very late opening. I hope it is successful and attracts lots of customers. See also