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Monday, 28 April 2014

Out this afternoon and MH370 speculation again

This afternoon my wife and I went down the road to friends for a couple of hours. It was nice to "chew the cud" and talk about all sorts of things - to be normal in fact.

At the end we were speculating about flight MH370 again, and we all agreed there was something we are not being told. The rumour mills are working overtime but it is odd that not a single piece of wreckage has been found yet.

One theory is it was shot down and whoever was responsible does not want to own up. The other odd fact is that the USA has been remarkably quiet when the skies are riddled with US spy satellites. Surely, the USA would know where this plane came down? Or did the USA have a part to play in its end?

Has it been secretly landed at a US base in the Indian Ocean? Maybe Diago Garcia? Why no mobile phone traffic at all?  See /news/missing-mh370-latest-air-search-called-off-only-underwater-now-2014-04-28-1.546548.

The Australian PM seems confident the acoustic pings detected in the search area off  W.Australia were from the plane's black boxes.

Lots of questions but, as yet, no answers.