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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Errors or typos?

Almost every time I do a blog post, write an email, or post on Facebook, I seem to make at least one error that I have to go back later to correct. This may be a simple typo or perhaps my stroke leaves me unable to spot errors quickly? Either way, I try to correct the mistake as soon as I do spot it. This seems to be nearly every time I post.  Let me know if you see any I've missed please.

The most common errors are "i" and "o" interposed, extraneous full stops and "m" and "n" interposed. These could be my poor keyboard skills and nothing more, but I'm sure I'm more error-prone than I was.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Typos and errors

Whenever I write my blogs or emails, I find I have to make corrections to what I type. I am wondering if this is my keyboard skills (or lack of them) or an artifact of my stroke: am I more prone to making errors than before? Also, it takes me a while to even notice the errors, such as two full stops or key words missing.

Please accept my apologies for any uncorrected errors.