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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Michael Gove

Why does Michael Gove (UK Secretary of State for Education) remind me so much of an overgrown schoolboy without satchel and cap? His recent statements about syllabus changes make me cross. He comes over, to me, as more than slightly out of his depth and talking nonsense. In my view, he should be made to write 100 lines "I must stop meddling" and made to sit in the naughty corner. These are my personal views and I appreciate other may have very different views. As a free country I hope I am able to say how I feel without being accused of slander.

I see he is in trouble from David Cameron (for his row with Theresa May, Home Secretary) and now with the Labour Party. See .
Many did not like Tony Benn, but he was a proper principled politician. Never once did I hear him talking rubbish. Everything he said was sensible, in my view.  His views were definitely left wing, but at least he said what he believed and was "his own man".  I had respect for him even if our views differed.

Mr Gove?  Sorry, in my view you are not even in the same league as Tony Benn.
See  .