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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Dressing up

This is a recent photo of our granddaughters at our bungalow. They love dressing up. Is this a "girlie" thing?

The costume belongs to the elder granddaughter but she was quite happy for her cousin to wear it.

They both have elder brothers they adore.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Visit by son and granddaughter

Today our son and granddaughter visited us from London. It was good to see them both. She is very good at 24 piece jigsaws on the iPad. She did about 6 or 7 without any help whilst sitting on my lap. Seeing them always cheers me up. She is 4 in May.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Anglesey Abbey with granddaughter

Today has been quite an energetic day for me. Firstly I walked to and from the doctors.

Then "Active For Life" at the gym in Newmarket and then, after lunch, a 1.82km walk at Anglesey Abbey (National Trust). The latter was with our son and his daughter. At the end I was very tired.

The picture shows a line of dahlia heads stretching nearly as far as the eye can see with one of our sons and granddaughters.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Son and granddaughter

This afternoon our son came to see us with our granddaughter. We went for a meal at the  La Hogue farm shop where our granddaughter played on the slide and the toy tractors. She really loves these.
Amandine on the slide
As my brother had cut the grass, our son did not have to cut the grass this week. Our laurel hedge along our front wall is growing quite well now. It was given a  bone meal feed about 6 weeks ago and this has helped revive it as it looked quite yellow a little while back.
Front lawn