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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Repair time!

With springtime comes lawn cutting and hedge cutting. Although the lawnmower was fine, the cordless hedge-trimmer seems to have seized blades. Sadly the blades did not respond to WD40, so I shall have to try to separate the blades and clean them.

Unfortunately the screws used have non-standard heads and I shall have to see if my neighbour has the right sort. I thought they were Allen keys but they are the sort of head you find a lot these days in things they would rather you replaced. I shall have a go at mending. You can buy these screwdrivers, so I may invest in some.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Hedge trimmer

Our (quite old) hedge trimmer is lost: we have checked the garden shed and garage and cannot find it. The Qualcast 500W hedge trmmer is £39.99 in Homebase, less 10% OAP discount on Tuesdays, which seems a fair price. I bet it does NOT last as long as the old one though!

Sadly this stuff is made in China (I expect) and almost guaranteed to fail within a few years. My son had a so called " decent" fridge that failed after just 2 years. Although the parts were under warranty the labour was not and it was actually cheaper to buy a new fridge. What a crazy world we live in!