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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Indian rape

The recent rape and hanging of young girls in rural India is horrific and another reminder of just how far some countries have still to come to become truly civilised.  We in the west were just as bad not long ago. We have to remember this, but in this global age there really is no excuse for such barbarism. Countries like India , Pakistan and similar have a long way to come.

The world is judging you by your actions. Civilised nations don't allow such acts to go unpunished.

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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Those Indian calls trying to fix my viruses

Even though I have telephone preference registration to minimise unwanted phone calls, I regularly get calls around  lunchtime from an Indian call centre perporting to be from a company wanting to fix a virus on my PC which they've detected. Do they really think I am that stupid? What worries me are all the people who may believe this rubbish and disclose all sorts of data by allowing these rats to steal PC data.

Not sure what is the best tactic to use when taking the call - ignore it, play along for 5 minutes to waste their time, be very rude, threaten them by saying I am from the internet fraud police, or what.

What is sad is the person in the call centre is probably just trying to earn a living, whereas the people behind it have nothing but malicious intent. Is there anything one can do to reduce this menace?