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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Knox and Sollecito acquitted of Kercher murder

So the top court in Italy has acquitted them.

As long as justice has been fairly done I am happy. I have not been following this very closely but it was an odd matter. Amanda Knox seems to have had a strange life in recent days with the threat of extradition back to jail in Italy. As this was from the highest court in Italy I understand it is final.

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Monday, 29 December 2014

Greece to Italy ferry fire

This was a stupid incident,which smacks of incompetence or poor training.

Why were the crew so poorly trained that the fire was still burning away after 24 hours? Why did people have to be 24 hours or more in some cases waiting on the upper deck to be rescued? Why did anyone have to die? Apparently, 10 people died.  All survivors are now reported to be off the ferry.

I know the seas were bad, but one gets rough weather and crews should be able to deal with this. Sorry, but someone needs to be held accountable.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Italian UFOs?

The BBC recalls a day an Italian football match had to be stopped as a result of mysterious things in the air.

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Analysis suggests this was migrating spiders.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Fixing the Euro?

So the politicians in Brussels have come up with a package to fix the Euro debt problem. Why does my mind think of Neville Chamberlain coming down the plane steps having arrived back from his meeting with Hitler in Munich in 1938? Probably because I think this bit of paper and his have about as much chance of working.

I hope the plan works, but think it totally wrong that the good honest workers of Europe have to bail out profligate and irresponsible governments and banks. The voice of the common man will not accept this much longer. Many, but not all, citizens of Greece have made tax avoidance a way of life. In Italy corruption is still endemic. If countries cannot run their affairs properly when members of the European club then they MUST take the consequences of their (in)action. If the Greeks are allowed a haircut on their debts why not Ireland?