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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Pure commercialism

Normally I like John Lewis: their business model is that basically the staff own the shops and bonuses are based on performance and shared by all, not shareholders, but I was appalled by their latest email. Titled, "What's hot for September" it was trying to persuade me to part with my money to "go with the fashion" this season. Sorry, but I am NOT interested. I visit their Cambridge store regularly and am perfectly able to decide what to buy based on my needs. This blatant email served no purpose in this household. Sorry John Lewis 0/10.

Likewise I get ANNOYED by daily emails from Amazon these days. Sorry, these get put into "spam" immediately and are not read.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Waitrose, part of the John Lewis partnership, is one of my favourite shops. Their food quality is excellent, their no-quibble response to customer returns is first class and now they offer a free cup of coffee or tea plus a free Daily Telegraph or Daily Mail for Waitrose card holding customers. In my view, the Daily Mail is best avoided unless you like rubbish journalism on the far right or need paper to wipe up your mess. Every time I read a copy I fume with rage! The Daily Telegraph is more central politically, although slightly on the right of centre.

The John Lewis partnership is a model for future business: employees share a bonus based on real results (unlike the rip-us-off bankers) and thereby want their business to succeed. They treat their customers well.