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Saturday, 25 October 2014

A sad loss

A few years ago, a fellow radio amateur called Julian Moss, whose radio call was G4ILO, was disagnosed with an incurable brain tumour. Rather than roll over and die, Julian did his internet research and found out the treatments that would prolong his life as much as possible. He also started a blog called One Foot In The Grave to document his battle. Sadly Julian lost his battle yesterday but not before he beat the disease for several extra years.   I was greatly saddened to hear he died yesterday. He inspired many by his great bravery and determination.

Monday, 1 April 2013

The NHS admin needs sorting out big time

My ham radio friend Julian Moss has a brain tumour which he has been successfully battling for over a year now. Recently he had a hospital appointment to review treatment but reading his blog I see yet again he has, like many I know, been given the "run around" by the totally inept NHS service here in the UK. This organisation needs radical surgery to get itself operating efficiently. Time and again it wastes money by messing up appointments, not having people where they should be, not having the data communicated between staff etc. It MADDENS me that sick people should be additionally stressed as a result of idiots who cannot run a business properly. They would save BILLIONS if patient records were shared electronically between doctors, nurses, hospital staff, consultants and ambulance crews. In the 21st century any organisation as bad as the National Health Service would be in administration by now and its bosses sacked.

NHS sort yourselves out!