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Friday, 27 June 2014

Leaving the EU?

The way things are going, there is a strong chance that the UK might leave the EU sometime after 2017. There is even a phrase for British exit from Europe - Brexit.  I think we'll be hearing a lot more of this word in the coming years.  Is there a word Scexit for if the Scots decide to leave the UK in September?  I hope Scotland stays as part of Great Britain.

Back to the European Union, I cannot understand why Mr Jean Claude Juncker is getting so much support in Europe when quite a few countries are skeptical of his federalist views. I am sure he is an honourable man and will do his best in the role, but why elect a staunch federalist to the most senior post? I thought the EU was looking towards a more liberal future? 26:2 in his favour is strong support.

If we do leave I shall have mixed views: a lot of our trade is with the EU and inward investment into the UK is largely because we are in the EU, yet we have a fairly open trading regime.  On the other hand being out of the EU gives us full control of immigration, fishing borders and much more. It would not be a total loss if we left. I suspect other nations might follow us out the door.

I really hope Mr Cameron is able to get a better deal with trade relationships at the heart of a new EU. Somehow I have my doubts this will happen.

On this one, I am with the Conservatives - an EU skeptic, basically in favour of the EU but with strong reservations over the way things are moving. I want to stay in the EU, but not at any cost.