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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Miniature trains again in Kingsbridge, Devon

Recently I sponsored a short length of track for this miniature railway. I really hope they make a success of the venture.

See .

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From Branch Line News, p23:

"MR213] Kingsbridge Miniature Railway, Devon: Between 1969 and 1991 a 7¼" gauge miniature railway ran in the town, along Squires Quay (SX735440). Apparently, there are now plans to bring a miniature railway back. The Kingsbridge & Salcombe Gazette posted an article on its web site on 21 November 2014, titled Council backs railway revival. The question where has the train gone? is apparently the second most common one put to staff at the Tourist Information Centre - after where is the ferry? ACTIONWEST director Steve Mammatt made a presentation to the Kingsbridge Town Council at their meeting on 11 November, which was very well received. A photo of the old railway, posted on the Kingsbridge Old Locals Facebook page, had been received with over 300 'likes' and comments of how it was missed. This kicked Steve into action to see if he could get the much-loved attraction back up and running. The new line, due to the state of the pavement, would no longer be able to run along the same side - the car park side closest to the Quayside Leisure Centre. So Steve said he was looking to have it run along the other side, on Embankment Road. In the, admittedly early, plan it would run from the Quay end of the estuary down to the sheltered seating area opposite the recreation ground. A small shed by the shelter on the pavement would keep the trains safe when not in use.  A gauge of 7¼" gauge is suggested, with a 5" rail also added to allow enthusiasts to be invited to run their locomotives during 'Steam Weekend' events. Most of the cost of the locomotive and the carriages has been covered by sponsorship from a couple of local businesses. Tally Ho! Coaches are keen to have a carriage with their name on it and Steve also has had offers from Herring Shoes, Toad Hall Cottages, Ashby's Easy Stores and WM Construction."

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Preserving the Kingsbridge Estuary

The petition to NOT allow water skiing in the Kingsbridge Estuary is gathering momentum. The last time I looked there were 851 supporters of the "no" vote. If you want to support the campaign, then go to the link and vote. The more people who support the "no" campaign, the better chances we have of preventing this precious habitat and SSSI being ruined forever.
The beautiful Kingsbridge Estuary
This is where I was raised as a child. I have seen much of the world but this unassuming part of the world beats the lot in my view. OK, I am biased. This vote is aiming to prevent water skiing in the estuary, so helping to maintain this very special place. At present it is an unspoilt place. Let us keep it that way for future generations.

UPDATE 2100z:  862 votes now.  Keep voting! Every vote helps.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Widegates, Kingsbridge Estuary, S. Devon

This is a matter dear to my heart. I come from this area and love it dearly.  Because of  my poor health, I have been unable to get to Devon at all this year.  

There is a proposal to allow water skiing in part of the Widegates area of the Kingsbridge Estuary.  This is an area of special scientific interest and at low tide a place where waders congregate. It is an area that is peaceful and quiet and of international importance.

If you know the area and want to comment, write to the Salcombe Harbour Master

Personally, I am against the proposal. I fear the area will be adversely changed for ever. 

Water-skiers are pulled by fast boats which create lots of wake and lots of noise. I may be wrong, but I fear the area will never be quite the same again if the plans are approved. The "for it" campaign people have got lots of  publicity on the TV and in the press. There is a need to counter this. For democracy to work, the voices of both sides need to be heard.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Missing South Devon

Usually, we go back to South Devon at least twice a year and stay with my brother who still lives in the South Hams. This is where I was brought up as a child (Salcombe and Kingsbridge). This year we have not been back because of my stroke sadly.

I get very emotional these days (stroke) and thinking of "home" - my dad (who died in 1987) used to call it "the promised land" - makes me fill with tears. I shall get back there again before too long, I very much hope. Strange how thinking of the South Hams makes me tearful, but it does.