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Monday, 16 April 2018

Mental Health

This came in from Molly earlier. The links may be helpful.


Having had personal experience with addiction, I’ve seen how important it is to address mental health issues before they take control. I truly believe it’s lifesaving to nurture our innermost selves before mental health conditions become debilitating, whether it’s something as common as stress and anger or something as complex as depression or suicidal thoughts.

As part of my work with Recovery Hope, I’m sending you some articles that offer insight and support for those who may be struggling. I hope you’ll consider adding these to your site on this page or one like it ( Based on the information you have there, it seems you’re just as aware of how important it is for people to care for their emotional wellbeing.

I truly thank you in advance for your support! If you’re open to working with me so that I can write an article for you that further explores the importance of mental health on our overall wellness, please let me know. Since this is a subject so close to me, there is no charge. (If you don’t want me to contact you again, please let me know that as well.)


Molly Anderson