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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Net inward migration into the UK


So, net inward migration is up to its highest level since before the last election. There is no doubt that some people are needed, but surely, on our small island, we should be able to decide who can live and work here?   I am not political and have never voted UKIP (to me this is just a protest party) but I can understand why there is a genuine concern over our rapidly rising population. Yes, it shows people want to come here as we have a relatively decent standard of living and a half decent economy that is growing.

The next government must address inward migration. The current government has totally failed. Our housing is over-stretched as are our public services. We have too many people.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Migration into the UK

See .  One of the "benefits" of being a member of the EC is free movement of people across borders.  In the case of the UK, already a small and overcrowded little island, we now have far more people coming than going, so there is a large net inwards migration. We should be able to control this but we seem powerless to do so.  Our PM has promised to get inwards migration down to 100000 by next year - fat chance I'd say unless we leave the EC.

Both my sons married girls from overseas: one a French girl (the family lives in London) and the other an Australian (family live in Kent).

We should be able to say who comes and goes.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

UK Population

One of the pleasures of New Zealand was the low population density. Even the places between the lovely places were lovely because there were so few people. We drove up the west coast on the main road and saw just 4 cars in one hour! This was a real joy.

Contrast that with the UK which now boasts a population of 64 million, up 400000 in just one year. We are a small island and need no more people, please!

We need to put a lid on immigration, letting in only those we really need for skills we are short of, and put a lid on large families. In this age of available contraception and education there is no excuse for large families.

At the rate we are going we will be unable to feed and house everyone. Surely there are other places for those coming to the UK to live? Wide open spaces in continental Europe?

This is not being racist: I did NOT vote for UKIP or the BNP. What I am expressing is just pure common sense. Our small island is growing far too fast and this HAS to stop.

Basically I support the trade aims of the EU, I enjoy visiting European countries but think we have to be able to limit net inward migration into the UK. If the EU does not agree then we may need to walk away from the EU and its fine trade aims. I am against a federal Europe: this was not what we agreed when we joined.