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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Plebgate multi-millionaire?

According to The Times newspaper, the MP at the centre of the so called Plebgate scandal will be selling some of his property empire to fund his legal bill. Often reporting such matters is wrong but I don't wish to be ruled by people living in a parallel universe.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Catholic Church - evil?

In the last few days I have been made aware of deaths in Ireland of babies in a home for unmarried mothers This was in the Washington Post first and has only today appeared in the UK press (Guardian). See .

Last year I saw the film Mea Maxima Culpa about how the Catholic Church deliberately covered up child abuse in the priesthood, see . Right up to the Pope the  cover-up went on. Dreadful!

Other religions and religious groups may be as bad, but what is becoming public knowledge about the Catholic Church is nothing short of a scandal.  Why? It is totally un-Christian. I am sure, not that many years ago, other Christian Churches acted in similar ways. What I find despicable is that publically they pretend to be so "holy". It is a sham.