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Tuesday, 17 December 2019


This BBC TV show has become an institution on dark autumn and winter evenings. It has now ended.
According to the internet we are now at the point when evenings get no darker, although it gets darker in the mornings for a few more weeks yet.

It is funny how we just adapt. In the summer we have light evenings until at least 10pm. At the moment it is dark before 4pm! We really see the difference by the end of January. I like the seasons.

Saturday, 12 December 2015


Actually, I watch very little reality TV but I do quite enjoy "Strictly" on BBC TV. This is a knock-out dancing competition. This year, the standard is very high and it is hard to see who will win. It is many years since I enjoyed ballroom dancing with Ann, my old girlfriend in my teens. These are distant memories now.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Strictly Come Dancing

This is the only "reality" show on TV I watch. "Strictly" makes good entertainment on a cold autumn evening, with tea on a tray and a small glass of wine in front of the fire. My wife enjoys it more but I do enjoy it too. In my teenage years I enjoyed ballroom dancing, although that was a long time ago!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Strictly Come Dancing BBC1 TV

See .

Like many men I suspect, I watch this with my wife.  Frankie very much reminds me of my wife Lis when we first met.  Frankie is also a very good dancer, so most weeks I go online and give her 3 votes. Voting online is totally free, whereas phone votes are charged.

Years ago, I used to ballroom dance with my then girlfriend Ann. These were special times, long ago now.  I still treasure those days, even though I have been happily married to my current wife since 1971. Somehow ballroom dancing was with Ann, and only Ann. I want that to remain so.

I have not really ballroom danced since the 1960s. These days I am still too ill to dance because of my cerebellum brain bleed in September 2013. This has been a strange year and I shall be glad when I am better again. Life is still hard.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Strictly Come Dancing

When a teenager I enjoyed ballroom dancing with my girlfriend Ann. It is very many years since I have danced. I really want to keep those memories as they were.  We made a good dancing couple.

These days, I watch "Strictly" on TV, but pretend not to! I hope Frankie wins as I vote for her most weeks on-line for free. Lis votes by phone.  Frankie looks a bit like my dear wife Lis when we first met. Frankie is a good dancer, of course.

"Strictly" is a "feel good" programme, ideal to cheer you up. I never take it too seriously. It is the nearest I come to reality TV.  I absolutely abhor "Big Brother". Every time I have (accidentally) watched small parts people are either sleeping or arguing. I just do not see what fun it is to watch.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Strictly Come Dancing

Is this a women's show? My wife seems totally blown away by this. I enjoy watching this as a background whilst doing something else. I am afraid I just cannot get that excited by this. As a teenager I enjoyed ballroom dancing, but that was a long time ago.