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Friday, 9 September 2016

Supermarkets and plastic

Have you noticed how much packaging, especially plastic, is used in supermarkets these days? When I was a child we had none, really.

Why is it so hard for supermarkets to make clear which plastics can be recycled? Why are not ALL plastics used in supermarkets recycled? They all have a lot of power over their suppliers and should INSIST on this.

Basically, I hate plastic packages for so much, especially when it cannot be recycled.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Tesco and other supermarkets

From time to time we buy fuel and food from Tesco.  However, I am appalled that this supermarket chain allegedly, treats many suppliers very badly, paying some very late or too little as in the case of milk suppliers. I know Tesco is not alone and that some other supermarkets are also treating their suppliers poorly.

We customers are often complicit as we demand ever lower prices.  However, personally I'd be happy to have fewer lines to choose from and to pay a bit more to ensure suppliers are fairy rewarded.

Tesco is currently under investigation. See .