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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Visitors since coming out of hospital

My wife tells me we have had over seventy different visitors come to see us since I came out of hospital back in January.  Many have returned time and time again. Not being able to travel so easily at present, it is lovely to see people in our home. Most ring first to make sure it is convenient. Although people say I look well, inside I am still giddy and feel sick a lot of my waking time.

Some visitors are noticeable by their absence. Some admit they hate illness and are afraid to come. Some of the non-visitors are more surprising as outwardly they claim to be good Christian people. Sham!  As I have said before in this blog, illness certainly shows who are your kind and loyal friends and who are the friends one can do without.

It is not that some people don't call that hurts: it is the sham of some people who claim to be "upright citizens" when really they just don't want to know or to get involved.

It is the sham that hurts.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Brother's visit

Tomorrow, my brother and his wife are driving up from Devon to stay a few days. They are good company and it is always good to have them come to stay.

It gives my wife a chance to have a glass of wine with company. I have not been allowed alcohol of any kind since my stroke last September. Can't say I've missed it. but I wish I was fully fit again.