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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Jean and Alan

As you may recall, my brain bleed last September means I am not allowed to drive for a while. I am still awaiting a decision from the DVLA as to when I can resume driving. Whereas a few months ago the thought of driving would have been stupid, I now know I could safely drive again.

In the meantime my wife is doing all the driving and I am extremely grateful that she can do so.

Today we ventured to Letchworth in Hertfordshire to see old friends Jean and Alan.

We have done this journey, with me driving, dozens and dozens of times. Why is it that my wife does not know the way? :-)  What is it about women drivers that makes them, apparently, such hopeless navigators?  Also, I anticipate trouble coming up ahead and slow down and change down. My wife seem clueless of such dangers. At the moment I have no choice but to be a passenger.

 I shall be very glad when I can drive again.