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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Churches blog updated has been updated to include Exning Church in Suffolk.

Exning is much older than nearby Newmarket.  Newmarket, the worldwide home of horse racing, was literally the "new market" for Exning.

Election blues

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People are getting rather stupid about the upcoming UK General Election voting for which is on this Thursday.  The real difference between Labour and Conservatives is actually not that great.

 We are likely to be in a hung parliament with another coalition, so the policies of either Labour or Conservatives will have to be moderated. Both want the deficit to be reduced. Both want to keep the NHS free at point of use. Both want to keep Trident (I don't).

In the end, I hope we end up with another coalition involving the Lib Dems.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Royal baby named

Today, they named the royal baby girl. I am ambivalent on royalty: they probably help the country by encouraging tradition, visits to stately homes and the sale of useless memorabilia.

On the other hand, the royals really have no great claim to wealth or privilege. One problem is we'd never agree on a president! So, for now, I sort of favour royalty, but I think they have to earn our respect and never just assume it.


We visited West Stow today with 2 of our young grandchildren. This is a reconstructed Anglo-Saxon village. We heard a goldcrest and the first cuckoo whilst there, but saw neither. A cuckoo is a sign if the return of spring. I have yet to see house martins or swifts and have only see 2 swallows so far this spring.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Royal baby

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I am not sure what I think about royalty. On the one hand I think they must do our tourist trade a lot of good encouraging visits to historic houses and trade in royal trinkets and memorabilia.

On the other had, all royals still have to sit on the loo and have nothing really that is any different from the rest of us. Why do these royals have any right to wealth and privilege?

Friday, 1 May 2015

Stroke - often hungry

One thing I do not understand is why I feel hungry so often, yet do not put on weight.

I recently had a bowel cancer check and that was all clear. I eat a very full breakfast (Weetabix, half a banana followed by a cooked breakfast cooked in very little oil) and I have a good lunch and tea, but already I am hungry again! My weight has been pretty constant for over a year - maybe a few pounds heavier. I drink very little alcohol these days and have no sugar in tea or coffee, but I guess there is sugar in the chocolate drinks I have.

Stroke update

Although, on  average, I am a little less tired overall, I still have very bad days, like today, when I feel very exhausted.  I still have problems with thin liquid drinks and still feel wobbly on my feet. Progress is painfully slow.

Never, ever, take your health for granted, as you never know when things might change. Before Sept 2013 I was fit and healthy. These days, still, I feel just a shadow of my old self.  How I wish I was back to as I was!

At the moment, long travel is a real problem. I have not been down to Devon for 2 years.  Last year the furtherest we managed was Kent and Cheshire, both by train.