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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Jimmy Savile and sex abuse

In no way do I condone sexual abuse of anyone. However, I'm puzzled by the media frenzy over Jimmy Savile, the UK DJ and TV presenter, over what he might (or might not)  have done to girls backstage in his dressing room.  If his actions were so vile and disgusting then why were these not challenged long ago when he was alive and able to face justice, and defend himself?  Some say he was a powerful person and people would have found it hard to fight him in the courts. Sorry, but I don't buy this: if enough people felt strongly then he would have been brought to justice. He is dead and gone now.

There must be other TV presenters and DJs who behaved in a similar way to Savile and I can imagine some of these people not sleeping at night waiting for the next expose.


  1. It's unbelievable the number of skeletons that have fallen out of this particular closet. But how to prove them when the alleged perpetrator is no longer around to answer questions? I wonder how many of these 'claims' will be motivated by the thought of claiming compensation from the BBC or NHS?

    Cynical, me?

  2. I quite agree! Whats this investigation going to achive? Nothing! The guys been gone a year now and is in no fit state to defend himself over the allegations of what he may or may not have done.Im not saying that his innocent but like roger said why wait until now?If these women were that concerned about him they would have brought it up years ago.