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Friday, 28 November 2014

Immigration and the Conservative party

With not long to the next General Election here in the UK, the Conservatives are now trying, against the odds, to win hearts and minds in the debate on immigration. The latest idea is to grossly restrict benefits for 4 years for people who immigrate to the UK. Unfortunately for a small island like ours (?) we find ourselves real magnet for people wanting to move within the EU. Those that move and work here help our economy with growth in the UK stronger than in the rest of Europe. Whether or not this latest idea will reduce nett inward migration I do not know.  UKIP is making its voice heard and the Conservative party is rattled.

I still have no idea which party to support in the General Election next year. The outcome is likely to be close with minor parties holding the balance of power or being asked to form a coalition with either Labour or the Conservatives.  I actually quite like David Cameron, but slightly prefer Labour values. Sadly I think the Labour leader is not too charismatic or good as a leader. Last time I voted for the Liberal Democrats.  In the EU elections (not first past the post) I voted Greens.

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