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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Black Friday - pure commercialism

Individually, practically every US citizen I have known has been kind, warm hearted and generous. I like them - they are genuinely a kind people.

But, why do we have to copy them all the time? We now seem to have adopted "Black Friday" which was unheard of until this year. Soon we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving holiday, just to copy them. Let us enjoy our uniqueness and not forever try to copy those in the USA.

Black Friday is pure commercialism and belongs in the gutter. It is "in your face" big time in the UK. Whilst having a good moan, why does Christmas start in October?


  1. Black Friday has now made it's ugly appearance in France. No translation. It is referred to as "Black Friday" The TV news had a film clip of a major French department store early morning opening. I thought I was watching an American spot. I wasn't! I read that USA weekend store sales were down but the mad dash is now on-line. The American Thanksgiving is my favorite fete. Gifts not required. Good fellowship is.

  2. I am against the pure commercialism behind this. Likewise I get frustrated that for many shops Christmas starts in October. Pure commercialism. No excuses - we need neither.