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Friday, 6 March 2015

Migrant population

According to recent research data the migrant population in the UK has risen by 565000 since 2011. This is a huge increase. We need to find more effective ways of controlling net inward migration, allowing in skills we need but perhaps turning away people we do not need.

True refugees are different and, like the rest of Europe, we should hold out the hand of friendship to those who come to our shores as a result of war and strife in their own lands.

Although I do not intend to vote UKIP in the May General Election, the EC has a lot to answer for. Some people we do need.  Many we do not. Where possible, jobs should be offered to UK citizens, although the work ethic of some from Eastern Europe is very good. The main attraction is the health of our UK economy: even low wages here in the UK are better than no work at all in their own countries. This requires a points system and needs to apply to all entering the UK for work and residency.

BTW, both my sons married citizens from outside the UK!

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