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Friday, 6 March 2015

Migrant population

According to recent research data the migrant population in the UK has risen by 565000 since 2011. This is a huge increase. We need to find more effective ways of controlling net inward migration, allowing in skills we need but perhaps turning away people we do not need.

True refugees are different and, like the rest of Europe, we should hold out the hand of friendship to those who come to our shores as a result of war and strife in their own lands.

Although I do not intend to vote UKIP in the May General Election, the EC has a lot to answer for. Some people we do need.  Many we do not. Where possible, jobs should be offered to UK citizens, although the work ethic of some from Eastern Europe is very good. The main attraction is the health of our UK economy: even low wages here in the UK are better than no work at all in their own countries. This requires a points system and needs to apply to all entering the UK for work and residency.

BTW, both my sons married citizens from outside the UK!

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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Immigration - the OTHER side of the story.

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A lot of UK citizens chose to live or retire in other EU countries. When we talk of restricting immigration into the UK we must remember that many also want to live elsewhere in Europe.

I think the real issue is we remain a very small, overcrowded, island.

UK immigration

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The Home Secretary has said on TV that UK immigration target are unlikely to be met.

The Conservatives published some very ambitious targets, that frankly, were a joke unless the immigration pattern was drastically changed. This remains a very contentious issue central to the next General Election. Making such STUPID claims about immigration targets serves no good at all.

We are a small, overcrowded, island and HAVE to be able to manage our immigration numbers. Currently we are a magnet for people and we need to understand just why this is so. I hope we can find a way of controlling immigration and stay in the EU, but if we don't we may have no choice but to leave.  If we go, others will follow us.

Incidentally, free movement within the EU means about 800000 UK people now live in Spain. It is not just people coming into the UK,although our small size makes net immigration an acute issue. Some skills we definitely need and this is likely to continue to be the case. We just need better controls, whether by looking at points, welfare or whatever.

I am no UKIP supporter, but I do understand the issues.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Immigration (yet again)

The news is full of this here in the UK.  The main issue is that we are powerless to stop mass immigration into the UK mainly from Eastern Europe because we are in the EC and must abide by its rules on free passage of people within the EC.  It is a fact that many Eastern Europeans make first class workers.

I don't have the answers, but feel each and every European country should be able to say who comes and who goes. Some people we need but there are already too many people on our small island. Our population is exploding yet we are powerless. Should we try to get the rules changed? Are we really powerless? Why exactly do so many want to move to the UK?

As climate change kicks in,we are likely to see lots more people from Southern Europe wishing to come here. The current influx is just the start. The way things are going, I suspect we'll be leaving the EC sooner than later. Instead, I hope a solution can be found with the UK still in the EC.

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

"Buck stops with me on foreign criminals", says PM

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PM David Cameron has admitted that too few foreign criminals are being deported. He claims some of these are due to unfair "human rights" claims, I believe. Some have simply got lost awaiting deportation.

I hope he does not resign over this. Instead, he needs to fix the problem: deport criminals without delay. This country (UK) neither needs or wants them. If they have dependents here tough. They should not have acted criminally in the first place. Go home first, then argue. At the same time, he needs to address the issues of immigration, finding out just why so many decide they'd like to live here. Some immigrants we need. Some we don't.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Mr Barroso's speech today

So the outgoing EC president, Mr Jose Barroso, thinks we will make an "historic mistake" if we leave the EC.  He may be right, but staying within the EC at any cost to the UK is not an option, The UK is keen on a single common market - a level playing field - but seeks ultimate control over its own borders and laws. These are aspirations shared by many EC countries. They are reasonable wishes for our parliament to reign supreme in the UK.

Personally I hope we don't leave the EC, but that the EC will change somewhat.  If the EC does not change we may have no choice but to leave them to it.  I cannot imagine the EC not changing. Were we to leave, I bet we won't be the last.  I cannot see it being a disaster for the UK. Other countries manage. The benefits of membership have to outweigh the downsides.

By the way I am not a UKIP supporter. I am very much a floating voter and have no idea who I shall be voting for in the UK General Election next spring. It will be a difficult decision.

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Monday, 18 August 2014

Stowaways entering Britain

The situation of people trying to enter the UK illegally is chronic. I feel sorry for the genuine people who are trying to reach Britain because the conditions in their home countries are so dreadful. I don't agree with people just wanting to come here because we are a "soft touch". Personally, I would filter genuine needy immigrants (true refugees) and turn away all others unless they are people we need because of skills shortages.

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