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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Bank bonuses

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Having worked for around 40 years and never getting a bonus ever, I was sickened to hear of the huge bonuses recently paid out by the bank Goldman-Sachs. Sorry, but they get paid silly money to be what?

In my opinion, no-one deserves this sort of money.  Like professional footballers, some people earn stupid money to basically gamble our money. I am sure these people lead stressful lives but so do lots of people who never ever get a bonus.

Monday, 14 January 2013

The bonus season fiasco

The BBC News website mentioned that Goldman-Sachs may be postponing their UK bonus pay-outs this year so that employees who qualify will only have to pay tax at 45% rather than 50%. I do not know if this is factually correct but I have strong views on this:
  • No company should be paying its employees average bonuses over £200k as I understand G-S did last year. Is this a correct figure? If correct, such payments look OBSCENE. Who needs this sort of money?
  • No company should be manipulating bonus payments for tax avoidance reasons.
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