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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Car troubles

Our elder son had to use our car to get home today (to London) as his car would not start. I think he needs a new battery. The rain last night probably did not help as some of the leads would have been damp. The joys of autumn and cooler, wetter times!

We now have pansies planted in the rear garden. These should be in flower until the spring.

UPDATE 1320z: Green Flag (rescue) have now been and said the battery is charging OK and had loose connectors. It has been left running for 15-20 minutes. Our son will collect on Wednesday.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Electric Cars

Electric cars have been on sale for years but today I saw my first electric car in use. This was a Nissan Leaf. To me the electric car is not the best solution. The range, even with new batteries, is quite low. Battery technology is still poor and huge batteries are needed to get quite modest ranges.

Although politically a "good idea", I feel we will see better solutions. Maybe this will be hydrogen fuel cells or power buried in the roads and paid for by the actual amount used? The latter would reduce the weight of batteries. Even with large subsidies, electric cars are expensive. We definitely need a clean, efficient alternative to petrol and diesel cars but I am not convinced by today's electric cars.

I watch the next few years with interest and wonder what motorists will be driving in 20-30 years' time.

Friday, 30 January 2015

Snow - at last

We get very little snow over here these days. Today we had the first real snow of the winter, although amounts were small by the standards elsewhere in the UK. This photo was taken this morning around breakfast time.

UPDATE 1525z:  All our snow has now gone. Winters over here are far less severe than they used to be.  Global warming? If we get even a few days with snow on the ground is now the exception. If the wolrd is warming, it could be critical later in the century. The evidence does seem to be pointing to a warming world, although the increase has perhaps stalled in the last 10 years. The sooner we stop subsidising fossil fuels and adapt to renewable energy sources the better.

At one time we could count on at least a couple of weeks of real snow. Last winter we only had a couple of mild frosts. I am not complaining, but if the world

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Driving further

Today I drove the car to and from Bury-St-Edmunds, parking at Waitrose. This is a 36 mile round trip involving a long stretch of the busy A14.   Driving was fine, with no problems, although people seem to be driving fast.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Driving again

Another milestone today here. I drove (first time in 13 months) to and from the local garden centres at Fordham. This is a round trip of nearly 10 miles. Both the neurosurgeon and my doctor said "yes" and DVLA agreed I could. Informed the insurer too.

This is a major step. Would probably not want to drive too far for a while, but at least I can drive again locally.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Car tax discs - not needed from today

As of Oct 1st 2014, it is no longer necessary to display a car  tax disc in the window of your car in the UK. Using computer records, enforcement officers can use registration details to check if a car is taxed and insured.

But apparently the on-line tax system is falling over. See .

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Parking on pavements

As a disabled person (with a blue parking badge for now) I get very annoyed with people who block pavements by parking half on them in rural villages where there is no need. 

How not to park!
Since at least 9am (probably much earlier) this morning a grey Vauxhall Corsa has parked in such a way that neither a push chair nor a wheelchair would be able to pass on Mill Lane, Burwell. Even just walking past is hard. It leaves the pavement about 12 inches wide only which is nothing. Do people not realise the nuisance they cause? I tried to ring the police on 101 and report it. The auto machine said expect a 10 minute wait. After 5 the line was just cut off! AJ07ZDK. Ringing the police will probably do no good.

If I was in a wheelchair this would be a major issue. I am sure their motives were good,but frankly the car is a damn nuisance.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Clean car and a haircut

This morning my younger son Chris has kindly waxed and cleaned our car - it looks great. Yesterday he cut my hair -  now looks tidy, and later he is trimming the hedge. It has been good having Chris and grandson Edward (5).