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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Israeli Settlements

Israel is a small country, but that is no excuse to build on land that belongs to the Palestinian people. The UN has condemned them. Israel will simply ignore this and carry on. They are heavily supported by the USA and this will be even worse under Mr Trump.

Long-term peace can only happen when each nation respects each other and treats others with simple human dignity.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Israel and Palestine

In my view violent actions rarely result in long-term peace. No doubt the Israeli reaction to recent violence will be yet more violence.

See .

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Israeli Elections

So exit polls suggest no clear winners, so no surprises then. Coalition governments are a way of life in Israel and there will no doubt be some tough bargaining in the coming weeks.

All I hope is that whatever coalition is formed that it takes the peace process seriously for once. The Middle East has too many conflicts and a good, solid peace deal with Israel's neighbours is way overdue.

I am always amazed that the Israeli's seem to choose  conflict and violence to settle old scores. Let peace blossom.  Israel, you know it makes sense.   I know it takes at least 2 to forge peace, but frankly Israel has not even been trying for as long as I can remember. I was born in 1948.
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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Middle East

I fail to understand Hamas.

The latest attack on a Jewish synagogue is an open invitation for yet more revenge attacks in Gaza in which yet more innocents will be killed.

To my mind, such attacks serve no purpose and help to RUIN the cause of the Palestinians. Why do it?

Monday, 15 September 2014

Gaza in ruins

See . Exactly what are Israeli aims in Gaza? The wholesale destruction of the state? Looking at these images, one could be forgiven for thinking this.

It is high time the Middle East states around Israel accept Israel's right to exist in peace with its neighbours, and high time Israel forged real peace deals with its Arab neighbours. Live and let live, in a just peace, fair to all.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Gaza Truce

See .

Today it is announced that Egypt has brokered a long-term truce between Gaza and Israel. I hope this one holds and that Israel starts to treat the people of Gaza as real human beings for once. Of course, Hamas has to stop firing missiles into Israel. Is it too much to hope that Israel and the Palestinians to forge a real peace deal that would really last?

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Hamas must be MAD

Just heard that Hamas has fired a rocket into Israel near the end of the 3 day ceasefire. Whatever ones view on how Israel treats the people of Gaza, their best interests are in a long-term peace, not more Israeli retaliation.

See .

Personally, I think Hamas is mad to do this now. What possible good is done?

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Gaza - more dead

"Some 1,655 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and 63 Israelis, mainly soldiers, have died in the conflict."
See .  The needless bloodshedding goes on. When will it end?

I read yesterday that the real motive for the fighting is the Leviathan natural gas fields off Gaza that Israel has its eyes on. Israel does not like to think revenues from this going to Hamas to fund terrorism. This I can understand. The answers must surely be a just peace, an end to Hamas leading Gaza and some sort of sharing in the gas field? Whatever, I hope the Palestinians are treated fairly and justly. They have suffered more than enough from Israel backed by the west.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Israel, you are acting like you WANT the world to hate you?

Why is "the West" so strongly pro-Israel? Especially the USA? It must be the strong US Jewish lobby. Madness. It is surely time for real peace and the USA (and UK?) to stop backing Israel. Give the Palestinians a fair chance.


Wednesday, 30 July 2014


The actions of Israel overnight attacking a school designated a UN safe area in Gaza, is nothing short of a war crime.  15 innocents killed and dozens injured - disgraceful in any language. There is absolutely no excuse for this slaughter. Even if rockets were fired from the local area it is no excuse to kill already traumatised children. Slaughter of the innocents.

See .
See .

For years, the state of  Israel has treated the Palestinian people like scum. They deserve to be treated as full humans and accorded the full rights all humans deserve. No more settlements on Palestinian land. After the horrors to the Jews in WW2 you would think Israel would want to help build a kinder world. Not a bit of it! They seem to want to spread hate.  I know Hamas must stop firing rockets at Israel and I know there are good Jewish people, but the war on Gaza is fostering hate and yet more resentment.

What is needed are real substantive talks leading to a comprehensive and fair peace for all in the region. Now is the time for jaw, jaw not war, war. Will Israel never learn? If you treat the Palestinian people as less than human what do you expect?

At the moment, Israel, supported by the USA and the UK amongst others, is not even seriously trying to get a lasting peace. Any eye for an eye seems to be all Israel understands.  Now is the time for real love and kindness to be shared and long-term peace to be given a real chance.   People of  Israel - wake up!   USA and UK: support the Palestinians at the same level as Israel.   Give peace a real chance!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Gaza and Israel

Sorry to go on and on about this conflict, but it sickens me. Israel is the real aggressor here, not Hamas. Yes Hamas has been firing missiles at ever greater range into Israel, but Israel has treated the people of Palestine like the scum of the earth for as long as I can recall. The people of Gaza and the West Bank deserve much better.

It is in the best interests of both Israelis and Palestinians to negotiate real peace that is fair to all sides. Israel should stop building settlements in Palestinian territory and stop its divisive war on Gaza. 

Is it any wonder the Jews are still hated? I hear anti-Semitic sentiment is on the increase. It does not surprise me.

Israel, the solution is in your hands. Elect a government that is serious about peace.  Treat your neighbours respectfully, as you yourself would wish to be treated. Did WW2 not teach the Jewish people anything?  WW2 was a great tragedy for the Jews of Europe, but why does Israel continue this hate?

What is missing is trust and guts. Now is the time for real peace.Get around the conference table and negotiate a just peace deal to end wars in the region for ever.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Israel and Gaza

See .

Surely Israel wants to be treated fairly and so do the Palestinians. It is in BOTH sides best interest to negotiate a fair and lasting peace. The war that basically started the current mess was fought in 1967 when  I was doing my A-levels and now I have retired! Surely it is not beyond both sides to jaw, jaw not make war, war?

There are precedents for warring parties to make peace - South Africa, Northern Ireland for example. The endless cycle of violence does no good at all and just makes hate stronger. Make true and lasting peace and let's have mutual respect. Both sides are different: accept these and make a lasting settlement. It both frustrates and puzzles me why the cycle of violence goes on and on.  No-one wins.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Palestine - Israel talks, where next?

See .

Peace talks seem to be deadlocked, yet again, begging the question of just how to get these 2 sides around a single table involved in meaningful discussions on a long term peace settlement.

The sad thing is both sides need this but seem unable to take the bold steps required, especially Israel. The Palestinians are not blame free either. Think how history will remember you if/when you succeed.

Please, cast the past aside and make real peace for once - you know it makes sense. Years of war and  uncertainty does no-one any good. Think about all the benefits a good peace treaty would bring.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Israel - are they ALL mad?

BBC link corrected.

Israel totally baffles me.

You would have thought the nation would realise it needs good relations with its neighbours for its long-term security. Instead they seem hell-bent on upsetting the Palestinians. Already treating the Palestinians as non-people with no rights  for years and years, it has now said peace talks  (a real joke) are off if the Hamas-Fatah reconciliation goes ahead.  See .

Israel, please realise you need to make peace and not war unless you want to live forever in a state of insecurity.

Israel's position is strengthened by the ongoing support of the USA.  Surely the USA must become more even-handed in the Middle East. It chooses its friends for its own vested self interest.    The USA is a plutocracy not a true democracy.  From Wikipedia, " In modern times, the term is sometimes used pejoratively to refer to societies rooted in state-corporate capitalism or which prioritize the accumulation of wealth over other interests."  Is this not the USA?

The Middle East issues could so easily be fixed with a true will for peace on all sides. The precidents of N. Ireland and S. Africa give me some hope. Nations and individuals can and do change.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Israel and Palestine

Isn't it sad that people can't live peacefully together? In Northern Ireland (Ulster) an attempt is at last being made to forge a new beginning with people who were once sworn enemies trying to get along with each other for a greater good. Attempts by a marginalised few to derail the process have not succeeded and I hope they never will.  Even the Rev Ian Paisley seems a changed man. This is the stuff of true statesmanship. Incidentally, I note that a lot of the ground work leading up to the settlement was done by the Quakers, always a quiet, unsung force for non-violence and peace in the world.

In the Middle East the long drawn out conflict between Israel and the Palestinians continues with periodic eruptions of hatred and violence on both sides. My knowledge of the post WW2 settlement in the region is weak but I cannot, for the life of me, understand why, two generations later, they cannot arrive at a peaceful agreement on statehood that is good for everyone. I read on the BBC website that a one state solution, with both Palestinian and Israeli people sharing equal rights in one state, is on the table again. It should be possible to make this work with trust and good will on all sides.  It takes an act of great faith to make geo-political solutions work, so I wish them luck and good judgement.

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