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Friday, 1 December 2017

Media justice?

Like many, I am bored by media coverage of the sexual proclivities of our politicians. If they are guilty of a crime then the law will mete justice. At the moment we seem to have trials by media, with papers out to gain readership and profits by sharing dirt in public. Innocent people are scarred for life.

Throughout history what goes on behind closed doors is the business of the persons concerned only. The exception is if a crime is committed in which case justice should be left to a court of law. 

Mud sticks.

Media justice is wrong.  Let the law decide a person's guilt, not the media.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Innocent until proved guilty?

A recent case has arisen in which a man found guilty of a serious crime has professed his innocence  to a number of other charges. Mud sticks and innocent people get tarred even when they are innocent. Personally, I think no-one should be named until they are proved guilty of any crime. The law is an arse if innocent people are found guilty by the mob.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Mr Barroso's speech today

So the outgoing EC president, Mr Jose Barroso, thinks we will make an "historic mistake" if we leave the EC.  He may be right, but staying within the EC at any cost to the UK is not an option, The UK is keen on a single common market - a level playing field - but seeks ultimate control over its own borders and laws. These are aspirations shared by many EC countries. They are reasonable wishes for our parliament to reign supreme in the UK.

Personally I hope we don't leave the EC, but that the EC will change somewhat.  If the EC does not change we may have no choice but to leave them to it.  I cannot imagine the EC not changing. Were we to leave, I bet we won't be the last.  I cannot see it being a disaster for the UK. Other countries manage. The benefits of membership have to outweigh the downsides.

By the way I am not a UKIP supporter. I am very much a floating voter and have no idea who I shall be voting for in the UK General Election next spring. It will be a difficult decision.

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Friday, 15 August 2014

Sex trials and anonymity

Yet again, we hear in the news that a high profile singer is "in the frame" for possible child abuse. Yet again, this person is named and shamed well before any legal action is taken, or even considered. The person named says he is totally innocent. To my mind this is wrong, both for the accused and the victim(s).

Anonymity should be given too ALL involved until anyone is found guilty. If found guilty, the law of the land is quite able to deal with it. It is WRONG that people who may well be innocent are still treated as guilty even before a case is heard. In this country, it is the law that a person is innocent until the prosecution proves beyond reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty.

In recent months, some high profile cases have been heard. Some have received long custodial sentences. Some were innocent. Let us not be too keen to judge without having heard the evidence.