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Monday, 26 May 2014

Ruined view (Salcombe, Devon)

This view, out towards Bolt Head, has all but been RUINED by insensitive development on what was the Marine Hotel. Slowly but surely developers, keen to make a profit, are destroying Salcombe as it once was. It was a uniquely beautiful seaside town, but is rapidly becoming a smaller version of Torquay.

In 20 years at this rate it will be ruined unless locals put up a fight to save its character.

On Facebook I have been encouraging locals to get more active in local politics as this is the only way that dodgy approvals can be rejected: locals HAVE to be empowered to fight these leeches who often have no real interest in Salcombe's long-term well being. Many are only interested in selling luxury pads at inflated prices - far too much for locals - to rich wankers (sorry bankers) and professional footballers to occupy for a few weeks a year. This HAS to end.

Oh for the day when Salcombe LOCALS realise they have the power to do something about the ruin of their town by outsiders.