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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Other people - how we cannot know them on the inside

Time and again I have to remind myself that we have very little idea what really goes on in the lives of other people. On the outside all may appear fine, but inside they are living a real hell.

One of our neighbours, we found out only last week, has breast cancer and her daughter had post natal depression badly. Both are so worrying.   We sometimes have to pinch ourselves and remind ourselves not to judge others as we really cannot know all their inner worries. We must never, ever judge anyone. Accept them as humans like us with weaknesses and worries, as well as joy.

I so wish that everyone could be happy, but the human condition is we have joy and sadness. Overall, we have to love everyone as ourselves and be kind to everyone.  Everyone is a mixture of happiness and sadness, just like us.