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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Public Ownership of key industries?

The possible next leader of the UK Labour Party (Jeremy Corbyn) thinks many key industries like trains and energy should be publically owned again. Although this is very "left wing", it is a policy and philosophy that I agree with. However, I suspect such policies will keep Labour in opposition for many years after the next election in 2020.

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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Privatisation of "core" esssential services

To me it is puzzling that "core" essential businesses are nationalised: that any profits go to shareholders rather than the general public. Likewise I cannot understand why the Royal Mail had to be sold off. Our postal service should be owned by us, the great British public. We should be re-investing any profits back into the Royal Mail, maybe reducing prices rather than improving dividends for the few.

I understand the arguments about "competition" but for energy services - gas, electricity, oil, coal, etc plus postal services, rail and buses surely should all be in public ownership? Yes, the power of irresponsible unions has to be curbed, but the argument for public ownership is a good one. It is wrong for services we totally depend on being in private hands.

I am totally against privatisation of "core" businesses such as energy.

Also, I have grave doubts over fracking.  Although it has the potential for low cost gas, how much better to  invest in clean renewable energy instead? Billions will be invested in fracking which is essentially trying to extend the life of fossil fuels with all the carbon released threatening climate change.