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Sunday, 3 March 2019

Eye, Suffolk

Back in the autumn we visited Eye in Suffolk which is a fine village with a splendid church. We ate at a little café on the LHS of the road leading down to the church (see photo). Café food was simple, tasty and low cost. We have eaten there more than once.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

East Suffolk

Thornham Parva Church
Yesterday, we went to east Suffolk, visiting Eye and Thornham Parva churches. The first is a very ornate place, probably as a result of the wool trade. The latter is a very small, thatched church. The architect of the re-built Coventry Cathedral is buried in the churchyard here. In my view, Thornham Parva is one of the best churches on the planet. It is simple, but a haven of peace.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Hawkedon added to East Anglian Churches blog

The East Anglian Churches blog has been updated to include Hawkedon, Suffolk. This is a fine old church now in a very rural setting. It once was in the centre of the village, but nowadays all that remains are scattered farms and cottages.  See .

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Flempton, Suffolk

This Suffolk church was open.  It is situated on the A1101 between Mildenhall and Bury St Edmunds.  It is famous for a window dedicated to the last lord of the manor. The parishes of Flempton and nearby Hengrave share the same vicar these days. The parish dates back to Anglo-Saxon times.  See

We ate next door (just behind the church) at The Greyhound pub where we enjoyed good, simple pub grub but with excellent service. Being right behind the church, I can recommend this pub. It looks nothing special but both the food and service were excellent.

See our blog about visits to East Anglian Churches .   We enjoyed the winter sunshine and temperatures of 10 degrees C.   The churchyard was fairly wild and rambling, but delightful nonetheless.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Visits - another blog!

Today we went out to Eye and Thornham Parva in east Suffolk.We ate at Beard's Deli Cafe in Eye. We have a blog to record our East Anglian Church visits. Although mainly for our own records (otherwise we'll forget!) it is a public blog, so you are invited to join us "virtually" and add comments if you wish. We hope to visit several churches each week.

See  .

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Lavenham, Suffolk

The Swan Hotel in Lavenham (see image RHS) was where our younger son and his wife had their wedding reception. Years before I came here on a course. Food was fabulous and after a week I had put on 8 lbs.

Today we visited Lavenham and ate a simple lunch at the Angel Hotel opposite the Guildhall. It had recently gone back to being a real pub with soup and sandwiches on the lunchtime menu.

Weather was January! 5-6 deg C, rainy and miserable, although it brightened up after lunch with a cold, biting wind.