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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Without water

Isn't it amazing how we get to depend on our essential services? Just after breakfast our cold water went off. Others locally are cut off too. I need water for my syringe (4 loads, 4 times a day)  to keep my fluid intake up ( stroke). Our neighbour phoned the water company who seemed not to know of the issue quoting "4 hours" to fix which sounds like a standard answer and I guess it could be any time! Now told "6 hours" typical for a mains leak, but it could be longer. I have gone on the Anglia Water "Water Care Register" which promises to deliver bottled water if  the supply is disrupted for long periods. You have to be disabled and have a need for regular water as I do (stroke 2L a day).

It is only when water and electric or even the internet goes off you realise just how much we take these essential services for granted. When we first moved last year we had no phone or internet for weeks - what a pain that was!

We are now having to be very frugal with the little water we have - just what is left in the system.

People in rural 3rd world countries have had to be frugal with water and electricity for years and years.

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