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Monday, 21 April 2014

Climbing the windmill

On their last day with us before returning to London, Tim (our son), Jo (his French wife) and our grandson Lucien (6.5 years, old) are climbing to the top of our local windmill (inside). The windmill is just over our front garden wall.  Inside the mill, the steps/ladders are very steep, so I have advised them to take great care. All being well, we should get some good photos of our bungalow from quite high up. Amandine, our little granddaughter (3 years old) is having her afternoon nap. My poor health (stroke) is currently preventing me climbing the windmill - maybe later this year?
Our bungalow is to the left of the mill, just behind.
The recently restored 4-sailed windmill is part of our excellent local Burwell museum, both worth a visit.
Lucien on the phones in the museum (old exchange)

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