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Friday, 29 August 2014

Stroke update

This morning I managed a walk to the local Budgens and the chemists. Round trip is about 1.5km. The last time I did this walk was back in June. It was good to bump into a few people I knew but I was disappointed to still feel so giddy.  By now I was hoping the giddiness would have gone. It seems to be related to how tired and exhausted I feel.  The giddiness must look as if I am drunk. Solid foods generally go down well.  Drinks and speaking are still problematic. Overall, progress is very slow now.

UPDATE 1415z:  Just cut the front lawn again, without a break, in less than 30 minutes. At the end I was well and truly EXHAUSTED. Recovery progress is exceedingly slow. I get SO frustrated that this simple task leaves me so tired. I want to be interested in the world around me, but it feels almost like a parallel universe. I seem to need all my strength to get through each and every day and the world around carries on. I do hope next year will be better. Certainly things must be better than they were, but by now I was expecting to be back to as I was before. I still get totally exhausted and feel so useless. I am more aware that I am living on borrowed time.

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