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Friday, 23 January 2015

Saudi King Abdullah dies

So the 90 year old king, the longest serving king in the world, has died and he is being succeeded by a 79 year old. Many are praising the old king. Call me stupid if you like, but to me he represented a backward, if oil rich, nation that still does not like the idea of women driving cars! We were friends with this dictator because he had lots of oil and bought our fighter jets. Sorry, but I wish this place would become a fair society for all its citizens. It has some way to go. The 10 year jail term and 1000 lashes in public after Friday prayers for a moderate blogger, says a lot to me. Move forward. The world expects more humility and kindness please. The world does not want you to be another USA, but it does expect all nations to respect its citizen's right to freely express views.

The new king promises "continuity".  What does that mean?   Little change?   See .

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