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Friday, 16 January 2015

Saudi floggings

Sorry, but Saudi Arabia has done itself, and Islam, no favours at all by choosing to give a moderate blogger 1000 lashes and a long prison sentence. If I had my way we would cease all trade with this barbaric place. I gather that (because of media outrage?) they are to review his case. Allah be praised!

See .

Saudi Arabia comes across as a medieval society, best avoided. If they want to improve their image in the 21st century they know full well what to do.


  1. If you stopped trade with the world's largest oil producer life in the UK would become very miserable very quickly. Why should they not run THEIR country in the way they want to? There is too much interference in other's affairs while our country goes to the dogs.

  2. Fred, in a free democracy we can express our views freely. Try that in Saudi Arabia. I think barbarism had a place, about 700 years ago. Of course, in our free democratic country you are fully entitled to your views. We will agree to disagree like mature adults.

  3. BTW I have some sympathy with non-interference, but we in the West have a choice here and personally I think we'd manage perfectly well without Saudi oil and they could manage without our arms trade. If we are sightly less wealthy as a result so be it. Too much of our life seems to be dependent on dodgy arms trading with nations who may later become dodgy regimes. Do you realise the USA actually funded Al Kaida in the early days?