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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Off Peg feed today

Today is a significant day in my stroke recovery. As my weight was unchanged from last week today I reduced my liquid (Peg) feed down to nothing, so all my food now comes through my mouth. I've still a way to go to regain my full health, but this is a step on the way. I have to increase the quantity of food through my mouth so I maintain my weight.

Last November I was told I might never be able to eat ever again via my mouth and that I might be dependent on Peg (stomach tube) for ever and ever. That day nearly broke my heart and that of many of my family and my friends. Quite a change!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Wet (at home) day

This morning I had a 1 hour visit from the speech therapist because of my stroke. This was uneventful. This was followed by a visit from an old work colleague, Ted Williams. We talked radios most of the time.

After Ted went home we had lunch which was more important than usual: my dietician has advised me to reduce my liquid feed (via Peg into my stomach) down from 600ml a day to just 400ml, meaning I now need to eat more substantial meals by mouth. I had a pie. potatoes and spinach - it was a decent helping. I must also eat more soft snacks between meals.

As the weather is so wet, I doubt we will go far today.