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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Stomach PEG removed - no pain during operation

I was in Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, this morning, to have my stomach feed tube (PEG) removed. As I was sedated it was totally painless. My worry beforehand was totally unnecessary.  I think I fell asleep as, apart for the initial things on the op trolley (being sedated by cannula into the back of my hand and insertion of my mouth guard) I was unaware of everything until I was recovering afterwards. Another stroke milestone for me. Still get giddy when walking, tired and speaking is hard work. Unthickened drinks are not easy. But I can eat most foods, all by mouth and, gradually, things are getting better.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

PEG removal

If things work out as planned, my PEG, (line into stomach) should be removed on Nov 4th. Currently, the line is only used for water as my feed has been all by mouth since June.  This will be another step on the long road back to normality.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Stomach PEG coming out soon (stroke)

Having seen the dietician nurse in clinic at Addenbrooke's today, it is now likely that my stomach PEG will be removed "in the coming weeks".   Just how it comes out will be decided shortly.   It means that the water I currently inject directly into my stomach will have to be by mouth soon. As my swallow of liquids is still not that easy, this will be non-trivial, but do-able. Regarding alcohol, the dieticians could see no reason why the odd glass of wine should be an issue, but they suggested I discuss with my GP in case it is linked to the pills I take. I doubt this.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Off Peg feed today

Today is a significant day in my stroke recovery. As my weight was unchanged from last week today I reduced my liquid (Peg) feed down to nothing, so all my food now comes through my mouth. I've still a way to go to regain my full health, but this is a step on the way. I have to increase the quantity of food through my mouth so I maintain my weight.

Last November I was told I might never be able to eat ever again via my mouth and that I might be dependent on Peg (stomach tube) for ever and ever. That day nearly broke my heart and that of many of my family and my friends. Quite a change!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Quiet day

Our son and granddaughter were unable to visit today, so we have had a quiet day. As long as my weight is not falling, today is the very last day on my liquid (Peg) feed. This is a significant milestone on my road to full recovery. The Peg remains for liquids and medicines. Eventually, th-e Peg will be removed at the point I can eat, drink and take all medicines orally.

At the moment giddiness, a feeling like indigestion and swallow are my main stroke related issues.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Weather and moods

It is funny how the weather influences ones mood. Today here we have started the day here with very bright sunshine and I feel much better: still giddy and still slightly sick inside, but feeling much more positive.

At the moment I am on 400ml of liquid feed via my stomach peg. Next week this reduces to 200ml, all being well.  I am eating 4 meals a day by mouth (breakfast, lunch, tea and supper) and have 2-3 drinks by mouth. I am maintaining the same weight I was when on 900ml of liquid feed, which is 11 stone.

All being well, I shall be off the peg feed (directly into my stomach) during June and that will be a real milestone on the road to full recovery. I still have to conquer the giddiness and sickness.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Wet (at home) day

This morning I had a 1 hour visit from the speech therapist because of my stroke. This was uneventful. This was followed by a visit from an old work colleague, Ted Williams. We talked radios most of the time.

After Ted went home we had lunch which was more important than usual: my dietician has advised me to reduce my liquid feed (via Peg into my stomach) down from 600ml a day to just 400ml, meaning I now need to eat more substantial meals by mouth. I had a pie. potatoes and spinach - it was a decent helping. I must also eat more soft snacks between meals.

As the weather is so wet, I doubt we will go far today.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Peg feeding because of stroke

Today was the date for my 2 monthly clinic session at Addenbrookes Hospital as part of the follow-up following my stroke last September.

Again it was good news: I can reduce the liquid feed through my stomach peg  by 200ml every 2 weeks, meaning I could be totally free of liquid peg feed in about 2 months' time. This assumes I maintain my weight.  I am already eating soft foods via my mouth and these will increase again.

I still have to take some water via the peg (my liquid intake is too low) but to be free of peg feeds will be a real milestone on my road to recovery.

Recovery from my stroke is taking a long time, but I am recovering, thankfully. Many don't do as well.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Out this morning (stroke) and front lawn cut this afternoon

A nice change of scenery this morning on my stroke recovery journey:  a walk of about 0.8km down to the home of our old friends Samara and Paul.  We stopped for about 1 hour and had coffee and tea, then we walked home again with plenty of blossom about. This morning I reduced my peg liquid feed (directly into my stomach) down to 700ml at 125ml/hour. Last week it was 800ml and when I first came out of hospital it was 1000ml. For the trip today I disconnected the peg liquid feed. I supplement the liquid feed with pureed and mash-able food by mouth.

Overall, I still feel giddy when walking - although I feel this is improving - and a slight feeling of sickness.  Feeding and drinking are not enjoyable experiences still. I have resumed taking some of my morning pills in a bid to stop the feelings of heartburn and sickness.

This afternoon I battled my heartburn, sickness and giddiness to cut the front lawn. It was harder work than the rear lawn that I cut last weekend.  Today I have felt more unwell than for several days because of my sickness.  I hope taking the morning pills again will help.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

A quiet day at home
We have no grandchildren staying at the moment, Lis has a cold, and I feel OK on the whole, so we are enjoying a quiet day at home today doing nothing very special. I may venture "round the block" on my own (about 400m) later for my daily constitutional walk. The walking does me good. I could not have done this unaided even 1 month ago (stroke).

I shall be on my liquid feed until around 6pm (fed via my stomach peg).  The feed is currently 800ml a day which is supplemented by foods and drinks through my mouth about 4-5 times a day. If I go out, I can disconnect the feed for a short period.

As I write this I see I've had 277ml of the 800ml of liquid feed, so I shall be "connected up" for all of the afternoon.  At least the unit is portable and can easily be moved around our home.

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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Walking and balance

Today I managed to walk (with Lis) to the Cambridge Building Society, the Bank, Budgen's store, the Post Office and a friend's house - Jenny Mansell's - which for me, in my current state, is a long way.  For me, it is not the walking as such that tires me, rather it is because I get giddy (poor balance following my stroke) and THIS tires me. Quite often I feel like I've drunk 8 pints of beer, when I haven't had ANY alcohol now for over 6 months. I am told that the brain finds new pathways and ways of managing, but it will take time.

I have the feeling that after the weekly physio sessions in Ely yesterday the giddiness was slightly better, so the more exercise I do the better? Today I have reduced my liquid (peg) feed down from 900ml a day to 800ml which will reduce the time on the pump to under 7 hours.