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Monday, 27 July 2015

The sun?

There was this very strange yellowy orange thing in the sky. Is this really what they call "the sun"? We have hardly had any sun for days now - just lots of rain. The sun had popped out from behind the clouds. I think I must have been seeing things. Anyway, it has gone again now.

Was that summer?

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The active Sun

See .

An impressive video showing how active the Sun has been since 2010.

Activity is now declining to the next sunspot minimum. Many experts predict the next solar cycle (cycle 25) will be very weak indeed. Some are even saying we are approaching a Maunder Minimum with extreme cold on the way and virtually no sunspots for many years. Predictions are getting good these days.

See also .  This dates from 2013, but still applies. The last peak was a pretty weak affair. The next could be almost a non-starter. A Maunder Minimum might help offset global warming to some extent?

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Nearing the shortest day

As we approach the shortest day, we can soon look forward to lengthening days again. This morning, we awoke to a bright and spectacular sunrise.   The late mornings don't bother me, but I am looking forward to lighter evenings.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Weather and moods

It is funny how the weather influences ones mood. Today here we have started the day here with very bright sunshine and I feel much better: still giddy and still slightly sick inside, but feeling much more positive.

At the moment I am on 400ml of liquid feed via my stomach peg. Next week this reduces to 200ml, all being well.  I am eating 4 meals a day by mouth (breakfast, lunch, tea and supper) and have 2-3 drinks by mouth. I am maintaining the same weight I was when on 900ml of liquid feed, which is 11 stone.

All being well, I shall be off the peg feed (directly into my stomach) during June and that will be a real milestone on the road to full recovery. I still have to conquer the giddiness and sickness.