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Friday, 4 April 2014

Walk to library: 1.5 mile round trip

Our local library is a decent walk from our home, so a walk there and back is challenging in my present condition (stroke). It must be about 1.5 miles round trip. Although with my wife at my side supporting me I made it, I was very giddy by the end and glad to sit down both in the library and when back home.

I am looking forward to doing this again (reasonably soon) without feeling so giddy. 

I am trying to extend my walking further now. Today I walked "around the block" at Mill Close and Mill Lane twice as well, totally unassisted. Today I have walked further than ever since my stroke. Every day I intend to walk quite a bit.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Speech and Language visit

Today, the Speech and Language therapist called on one of her regular visits. She is pleased with my progress, with voice a bit stronger (again) and speaking better than on her last visit. She suggested some more foods to eat by mouth.

Progressing, slowly but steadily.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Walking and balance

Today I managed to walk (with Lis) to the Cambridge Building Society, the Bank, Budgen's store, the Post Office and a friend's house - Jenny Mansell's - which for me, in my current state, is a long way.  For me, it is not the walking as such that tires me, rather it is because I get giddy (poor balance following my stroke) and THIS tires me. Quite often I feel like I've drunk 8 pints of beer, when I haven't had ANY alcohol now for over 6 months. I am told that the brain finds new pathways and ways of managing, but it will take time.

I have the feeling that after the weekly physio sessions in Ely yesterday the giddiness was slightly better, so the more exercise I do the better? Today I have reduced my liquid (peg) feed down from 900ml a day to 800ml which will reduce the time on the pump to under 7 hours.