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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Burwell Museum

As one of the volunteers was unable to attend today, my wife and I shared the 11-2pm slot on the kiosk at our local museum today. The museum is excellent.

As we live right next door it is easy for us to pop across if we are free. All our grandchildren love it and want to go every time they stay with us.

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Israel and Palestine

In my view violent actions rarely result in long-term peace. No doubt the Israeli reaction to recent violence will be yet more violence.

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The Benn Diaries

Tony Benn was a UK politician on the left politically. He was often hated for his views. Reading his diaries I am even more impressed. He comes across as an honest man, who was often wrongly pilloried by a press that is right wing. No, my views on Tony Benn have not been changed. His views deserve respect and a fair treatment. Although many may chose to disagree with his views you cannot fault his commitment and honesty. I am about 3/4 the way through the first of 2 books of his diaries.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

South Creake

Yesterday we visited South Creake church in north Norfolk. I have updated the church blog. This is a fine church - light and airy inside.

Football - Plymouth Argyle

A few years ago this would be the stuff of dreams but this evening Plymouth Argyle are TOP of League Division 2. Keep this up and they could even be promoted at the end of the season. Lots of games to go and a lot can happen, but how fortunes are transformed! It is years since I last saw them play live, but at one time they were my local club. I wish them well.

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Farewell Denis Healey (98)

You have to be over a certain age to remember Denis Healey in his heyday. He died today at the ripe old age of 98.  At one time he was a key player in the Labour government. These days there are very few like him in any UK political party. He will be missed. He was famous for his big eyebrows too. Who can forget the Spitting Image take-off of him!

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Friday, 2 October 2015

Late late swallows

A surprise today was seeing 2 late (for this part of the world) swallows at Little Walsingham in North Norfolk.  I was not expecting these at all.  I am pretty sure this is the latest I have ever seen these in East Anglia (Oct 2nd). They were probably a late brood and no doubt our settled warm weather is leading to some confusion!  I am sure that if you actively look for these you will see a few stragglers but most have now left.   A few sharp frosts will soon trigger them to get a move on and head south on their long migration.

Little Walsingham is a delightful north Norfolk village a few miles south of the north Norfolk coast. Lots of the cottages have flint rendering, which is common in north Norfolk.

There are a few religious shrines in the village and a few shops selling terrible "religious tat". These include gaudy statues, probably made in a sweat shop in China. Someone is making fat profits on this rubbish. I honestly cannot believe intelligent people actually buy these, but they must. Thankfully, Little Walsingham is still a lovely Norfolk village and these few kitsch shops do not spoil it.